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Forensic computer based mobile phone examination, phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiry form Investigator. FREE QUOTES, DISCRETION ASSURED. Ex-police and experienced investigators, including specialists. We examine computer based mobile phone systems, including Iphone and Android. Forensic examination of these phones makes use of their computer based technology.

With the advent of computer based mobile phones and devices has come the ability to forensically examine and recover information on them.
This information varies from deleted information and texts to malicious programs, ghosting and cloning programs.
What may be found is limited by the operating system, how long since the deletion and what has happened since the deletion. One major problem can be a factory reset, followed by further use. Another is the overlaying of an account associated with a different person (sometimes friends are so helpful). Forensic examination of a mobile phone must be lawful. You must be the owner, or person with lawful possession of a mobile phone, to request our assistance.
Cost is another factor, it isn't cheap. For a really in depth examination looking for all Malware and changes to telephones, deleted information, hidden programs etc, plus reports, plus presentation of evidence at court, it may be cheaper to buy a new phone!  We aren't trying to put you off, just advising that you need to decide what you require at the start of this process.
We have experienced operators who can perform these feats. Forensic mobile phone examination is possible, if a phone is to be examined, ensure use of it ceases, to avoid over writing information of importance.We conduct forensic mobile phone examination, you can assist us to achieve the objective by taking care of the phone, prior to our gaining access. We examine Iphone, Android, and similar computer based systems.
PLEASE NOTE, we do not hack other peoples telephone accounts, nor their facebook. Examinations may be conducted in house, or by our third party contractors, depending on difficulty, and make, model of system, some computer forensics can be undertaken utilising good quality commercial programs. Contact us for a free quote.