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Cairns child custody investigations, Cairns child access investigations, Cairns private investigator, for investigations phone 1300 966 103, 24/7 inquiries form investigator, email Experienced Cairns private investigators, Cairns private detectives for investigation, private investigator surveillance, gathering evidence of a breach, establishing evidence of a risk to children, or inappropriate living arrangements. This includes Cairns child custody surveillance investigations, Cairns child access surveillance investigations.

Cairns private investigators, Cairns private detectives, with experience in investigating child custody concerns, child custody disputes, child access problems, safety concerns, background checks, gathering evidence of breaches, and surveillance investigations to establish what is really going on. When you need a Cairns private investigator call us for a free quote.

A child custody dispute may arise out of an originally satisfactory arrangement, and amicable separation, or a private arrangement. A child custody dispute, a child access dispute is about emotion. For some there is conflict from the start. There may be multiple children, there may be children from multiple relationships, a family history, concerned grand parents, a new partner, risks and concerns. Each is different. We are used by government, business, private people, solicitors, lawyers, and barristers to investigate, to gather evidence. A Cairns private investigator child custody investigation, child access investigation, is about evidence, being able to support an allegation, or stated position, in court.
The Family Court, the Federal Circuit Court, is tasked with settling these matters, including breaches of agreements, applications for custody of children, access orders and parenting orders. They assess risks, and looking after the interests of the children, balancing competing claims to provide the best outcome for the child or children, the primary consideration. The court needs evidence to support a stated position, or claim, a claim without evidence does not have weight in a court, and is simply an allegation. This evidence may be private investigator surveillance, a factual investigation, or research to disclose information.
A private investigator is used, in a child custody investigation, to gather evidence to support a claim, provide proof of a breach, confirm or deny a suspicion, find evidence to support a stated claim, to gather evidence to dispute a claim, or show a witness is less than honest, or simply to investigate to see what the real circumstances are, or prove that there are risk to a child, or children.

Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly, the evidence obtained can be used by a court or tribunal. Surveillance is designed to be non-intrusive, but also designed to gather evidence, proof, of actions, interactions and behaviour. Private investigator surveillance is used for providing evidence of a breach, of unsavoury activity or associations, of risks to a child, or an unhealthy environment for children, that a person is having access or responsibility for the children who is specifically excluded, that the children are being cared for by someone other than the parent, or to simply locate children who have been 'stolen' by a parent. Remember that under Queensland law there can be no offence of child stealing by a parent (but they can breach the conditions of an agreement, or court order). It is frowned upon by the court where it is based on an unsubstantiated allegation or claimed risk, or where it is the result of a conflict or domestic violence in front of the children or the person fleeing with the children may actually be creating a greater risk for the child. We have Cairns private investigator, Cairns private detective, surveillance operatives with experience in child custody investigations, child access investigations.

Private investigator factual investigations is about talking to people, finding information, locating witnesses, and gathering affidavits in the correct format. Affidavits are written evidence, of the observations and comments of a person, which are presented for the information of the court. These affidavits provide the evidence, the proof, to support a claim or position, and permit evidence of previous occurrences to be documented, whereas surveillance relates to what is currently occurring. A court case is about the weight of evidence, that tends to prove a claim, or disprove an allegation.

Private investigator research is about using private and public indices, social media and open source information to search for a particular piece of information, evidence, relevant to a particular matter, this includes a background check, or an Australian criminal history search, as well as looking for a current address.

Alcohol abuse, drug use, drug dealing, prostitution, associating with criminals, poor choice of partner or multiple partners, may all increase the risk to a child, or children, in the care of a parent. These risks include exposure to violence, exposure to criminal behaviour, and exposure to violence (including domestic violence), as well as the risk of abandonment, or being left with less than savory characters. Allegations without evidence cannot be acted on by a court. A private investigator is there to locate the evidence, the proof, to show the risk, or the lie, and assist you in varying an order, obtaining an urgent order, or provide proof of a breach. When you need a Cairns private investigator, Cairns private detective, Cairns child custody investigations, Cairns child access investigations, investigators to assist you, to prove or disprove a theory, establish the facts, gather evidence, call us for a free quote.