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NOT EVERYONE CHARGED WITH AN OFFENCE IS GUILTY; IF THEY WERE WE WOULDN'T NEED COURTS. A cornerstone of our court system is the presumption of innocence. The person charged may be guilty of nothing, guilty of nothing but poor judgement, be guilty of only a minor part of the allegations.  People can be sometimes are just unlucky, in the wrong place at the wrong time, a victim of bad judgement or petty jealousy.  Some people go to pieces when they are confronted by authority figures, some say rash things during interviews, some are set up by a partner, a 'friend', an associate or a can be real life 'fall' guys for others with a criminal bent. Call us on 1300 966 103, email

The courts are part of a system designed to provide a framework, or structure, within which people live. It is part of the system that provides the 'rules' for our lives. Courts are not about JUSTICE, as a primary role although it is in there, somewhere. The courts are bound by Legislation and Case Law. The judge may know what's right, or fair, that doesn't mean he/she can rule in that way. It is a legal system, not a 'justice' system. 
Under our legal system everyone is entitled to a trial, and everyone is entitled to be defended.
You can't believe that simply because you're innocent, you will be found not guilty. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.
We are there to find the evidence you need, to conduct the investigations and compile a defence brief for your legal team to use. Criminal Law is something we 'do'.
We get out and find the evidence. 
Solicitors and lawyers concentrate on the 'theatre' of court, we concentrate on the proof. We verify the facts, we locate and preserve the evidence, we investigate for you.

For more on Criminal Matters. For more on Investigation. For Background checks. For 24/7 inquiries use our online form investigator.