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Welcome to our homepage!! Yes, we have Private Investigators, Bodyguards and Travel Companions. 
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The Private Group Pty Ltd: Private Investigators, Bodyguards, Travel Companions, Surveillance Specialists, Factual Investigations, Mercantile.
Investigations Division (Private Investigators, Australian People Locator)
Security Division (Uniform and Plain Clothes Security, Bodyguards, Travel Companions)
Mercantile Division (Document Service, Debt Collection and Repossessions)

Contact us on 1300 966 103      (Australia only)

Ex-Police, Ex-Military, Ex-Government Investigators, International Fraud Specialists, Former Undercover Agents and Experienced Field Operatives

About us: The Private Group offer a broad service, with a wealth of experience in all area's.  Our staff are professionals who will maintain your privacy.  We can deliver local, National and International services.  We are networked worldwide, with the ability to deliver locally.

Our Investigations Division (Private Investigators) covers the Surveillance, Factual and Criminal Defence spectrum.  We investigate for the private person, corporations, companies and partnerships.  We understand that investigation involves the confirming or denying of a suspicion, observation to establish a fact or the location and preservation of evidence for later presentation to a court.  We carry a heavy responsibility in that the fulfilling of our obligation to our client may have a large impact on their life (or for solicitors and barristers, their clients lives).  We are aware of this obligation.

Private investigators cover matters including Fraud Investigations, Corporate Investigations; Employee screening, allegations of inappropriate behaviour, sexual harassment, Bullying in the workplace, fraudulent behaviour, illegal actives and drugs. Criminal Defence Brief Preparation, Factual Enquiries, Surveillance, Background Checks, Pre-employment Checks, Criminal History Checks, Due Diligince re CV's or resume's, Family Law matters, Infidelity & Adultery Investigations.

We have an intelligence driven people locator, utilising the services of our intelligence analysts.  This is not a program, but rather a human, using fuzzy logic and experience to interrogate various public and private indices, ask questions, make phone calls and arrange for on ground enquiries.  A very effective tool to locate missing persons, locate witnesses and search for long lost relatives. 

Follow this link to Australian People Locator.

Our Security Division covers Armed and Unarmed Guards, Close Personal Protection: Bodyguards, this is also known as VIP Protection, Executive Protection or Corporate Security with Personal Security Officers.  We have Travel Companions, as well as our 'safe hands' documents and valuables couriers - a Local, National and International delivery service, patrols, escort, static surveillance and electonic systems, crowd contollers and dog patrols.

We can cater a service to meet your needs, and are happy to provide advice in our area's of expertise.  Please feel free to contact us.

Please use these links to go to BODYGUARDS or for suggestions on Safety or Advice about Armed Holdups for the private person or small business.  For Hostage Negotiation go here.

Our Mercantile Division: Commercial Agents is an extension of our other divisions.  It allows us to access Mercantile information, act as process servers and deliver documents.  We have staff who are qualified Justices of the Peace (Queensland Justice Department) who can witness documents. 

We also conduct DEBT COLLECTION, due to it's strong linkage with investigation, as well as skip tracing and asset tracing.  Bad Debts are like Fraud - the killers of a good business.  We will seize and recover property where the proper documentation or proof is held.

To contract our services go to CONTACT US or use the relevant *enquiry form on the left of this page.

Within Australia phone us on 1300 966 103

For our overseas clients (USA, Britain, China, Indonesia etc.) :

Please use +61 7 47788970 (Our head office is in the AEST timezone),
or email us: enquiries@theprivategroup.com.au

For information about our director, follow the link.

Brisbane Private Investigator, Gold Coast Private Investigator, Townsville Private Investigator, Sydney Private Investigator, Melbourne Private Investigator, Adelaide Private Investigator, Investigations Division, Surveillance, Bodyguards, Close Personal Protection, Travel Companions, VIP Protection, Close Protection, Private Detective Australia, AU.

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