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Workcover surveillance is a method of establishing facts, and levels of restriction. A private investigator, private detective, is used for surveillance or factual investigation. We are experienced in Workcover fraud and due diligence investigation. Telephone 1300 966 103, alternatively email or for 24/7 inquiries our online form Investigators. FREE QUOTES. There are tabs to take you to your area of interest to your left. Contact us for an experienced, licensed private investigator. DISCRETION ASSURED.

Workcover surveillance is usually undertaken to confirm or deny a claimed restriction. It may be done during the initial stages of a claim process, during extended periods of claimed restrictions or the recurrence of a claimed restriction/injury. Workcover has seen rebranding in different states, becoming SafeWork NSW, and WorkSafe Vic, as well as SafeWork SA and ReturnToWorkSA (RTWSA).
Surveillance is not done specifically to catch a person behaving fraudulently, but if there is a suspicion this does increase the probability of surveillance, and the period of surveillance. It is done to confirm the claimed restrictions, it may or may not establish fraud.
Surveillance is not done for the purpose of making people feel uncomfortable, it is done to obtain covert evidence to support or deny the claimed restriction. Employers, claim managers and people responsible for managing return to work (Human Resources Managers) have a responsibility to ensure that the interests of both the employer and employee are looked after.
Workcover surveillance can be used as an independent method of verifying a restrictions, confirming the claimed restriction, or managing the exposure of a company where a restriction is shown to be less than originally stated or non-existent. 
The more extreme cases of fraudulent claims can be something similar to a totally and permanent disability, requiring round the clock care for the rest of someones life, where the person is off fishing and crabbing whilst waiting for their money - driving when they claim incapable, unloading and loading the boat by themselves, doing runs down to the pub for more beer and wine. This is the extreme, but it does happen!
The more mundane is a person who claims they can't lift anything who is happily doing home renovations, up a ladder, painting above their head. This also happens!
We have recorded incidents similar to both the above, and provided the evidence. The highest risk to the employer is the person who claims a total and permanent incapacity, or a restriction that prevents them working again.

We understand the Workcover Fraud, The Cost to business.