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Adelaide private investigator, Adelaide private investigators, Adelaide private investigations service, phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiries form Investigators. Free quotes. There are Adelaide private investigator information tabs to the left of the page. When you need to to investigate, South Australian licensed Adelaide private investigators, including ex-police investigators, contact us. You suspect, we investigate. Our services include private investigator surveillance, factual investigation, insurance investigation, or an Australian background check.

We are an Adelaide private investigator, Adelaide private investigators, Adelaide investigations service, in South Australia. We investigate for business and the private person. We investigate suspected WorkCover, Workers Compensation, ReturnToWorkSA, claims fraud, including where you receive a civil claim notice, without the initial injury being accepted by insurance. We conduct Workcover due diligence investigations, general insurance investigation, third party claim, and public liability claim investigation, as an Adelaide insurance investigator service. This includes where the claimed restrictions are to be verified by surveillance. We conduct corporate investigations for civil and criminal actions, including allegations of corruption, criminal behaviour or illicit relationships, as well as WorkCover investigations; we investigate child custody and family law concerns, as well as infidelity or adultery suspicions, across Adelaide. We conduct a background check, or missing person inquiries.
Surveillance is used to confirm or deny a suspicion, verify a fact or gather intelligence. Surveillance operatives blend in, they intend to see without being seen, to make observations and record supporting video evidence or still photographs. Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained can be used for court, a tribunal, or negotiations. We have experienced, licensed, Adelaide private investigator, Adelaide private investigators, surveillance operatives. Factual investigation is talking to people, locating witnesses, the gathering of affidavits (statements), the location and preserving of evidence, the recording of scenes and the compilation of evidence to present to a court. We have Adelaide private investigator, Adelaide private investigators, Adelaide factual investigators, who specialise in this area of private investigation. For child custody investigation surveillance is often utilised; private investigators are a disinterested party, they are paid to observe and record but have no stake in the outcome of the court case. They are also used to gather affidavits for a party to the court case. In either case they are seen as a more disinterested party, therefore their evidence or actions carry more weight; we cannot manufacture evidence, we are there to observe and record, for surveillance matters, or to conduct interviews and take affidavits in the words of the person giving the statement, for factual investigations. For WorkCover type private investigations, Workers Compensation investigation, the majority of our work relates to covert private investigator surveillance, Workers compensation surveillance, to gather information on the observed restrictions for comparison to the claimed restrictions. For some this is a due diligence inquiry, for others it is action prompted by suspicions of claim fraud. For Corporate investigations we may be used to establish the links between parties through either research or observation; we may be tasked in relation to suspected criminal activity, drugs, or as part of a civil action. Occasionally it is in relation to a franchise dispute, or dispute between businesses. A private investigator is licensed to investigate, to gather personal information, evidence, to conduct private investigator surveillance, for reward. We do not 'spy'; we gather evidence to support a fact, or alternatively, prove or disprove a theory. For relationship investigation, we investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, investigate cheating partner suspicion. we are experienced in cheating partner investigation, relationship investigation. You may not have had to investigate infidelity, investigate adultery before, but we have. We investigate in Adelaide. When you want an Adelaide private investigator, Adelaide private investigators,Adelaide private investigation service, also known as an Adelaide private detective service, contact us for a free quote.