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Our Private Investigators include Ex-Police, Ex-Government Investigators, International Fraud Specialists, Ex-Undercover Agents, Intelligence Analysts and Experienced Field Operatives. Phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 online form Investigators. Free quotes. Discretion Assured.

The corporate world does not like to air 'dirty laundry' in public.  This is understandable.  Perception is more important than reality.
A business may involve private investigators to examine if a fraud or theft has taken place, or inappropriate activity has been conducted. Where allegations are raised they must be investigated, for corporate bodies their are due diligence considerations.
An independent investigation is a far more robust undertaking, generally without allegations of bias or favoritism.  And, unlike a law enforcement or government body, the investigator reports back to business and allows the business to make an informed decision, how to proceed. Private Investigators are sometimes utilised to head off a formal investigation, or demonstrate that the company is capable of self management of difficult circumstances.
Allegations of impropriety often involve the executive or senior member of staff.  If not handled correctly they may result in senior management stepping down or being let go, without certain benefits. An example of this in recent years is the David Jones sexual impropriety allegations, against senior management. 
It may be that an allegation are not substantiated, however, if they are substantiated there is an obligation to act. The person involved may be given the option of leaving quietly or alternatively publicly named, subjected to civil action or criminal charge. For the person subject of the allegations the associated public fanfair which may preclude future employment; there is a risk with dealing with a complaint quietly, but continuing to keep the same senior manager, as history is a good guide to future actions. Should a similar incident arise, allegations may be raised about a failure of corporate governance in dealing with the earlier incident/s.
The saying any publicity is good publicity isn't applicable to these circumstances. We offer a discreet service to companies, to cater to these conditions.
Within the Senior ranks of executives an 'indiscretion' may be dealt with quietly, in the lower ranks of a company the offender may be made an example of.
We conduct Corporate investigations, including heading of civil action, or establishing the facts of an allegation. Contact us for a free quote.