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Workplace bullying complaint investigation; independent investigations of your workplace harassment, bullying, sexual harassment and/or work culture issues and complaints. When you need to investigate, you need a private investigator, we provide free quotes, phone 1300 966 103. We are discreet, email, or for 24/7 inquiries please use our online form Investigator Inquiry. Ex-police and experienced private investigators, to investigate.

Workplace Bullying, Harassment, or Sexual Harassment complaints can be exceptionally corrosive. Allegations of this nature, whether true or not, have an extreme impact on the people involved. Using a private investigator gives distance between management and the complainant, and between management and the person accused.
Harassment can be about perception, and interpretation. It can be a problem in communication, a cultural difference, a person turning personal problems outwards to others or other issues intruding into the work life that have no place there.
On the other side of the coin it can also be, for some, about a payout, not being happy in their work, or payback.
The intangible nature of harassment makes it a difficult area for investigators. It is not unusual for there to be no independent witnesses, or supporting documents. It may also be that witnesses have a different recollection or interpretation of events. It is not always possible to obtain a definitive outcome, because of unlike a physical injury, perception is subjective. The private investigator must obtain as many versions, or affidavits, surrounding the subject complaint, as practicable.
The work history of both parties, their relationship with others and their willingness to talk may be indicators. However, you must also be aware that some personality type, especially as supervisors, may choose one employee to target or may not have any empathy for those they have control over.
In the same vein some employees perceive criticism or change as being a personal thing, directed at them. Harassment is an intangible, a perception.
We would recommend that whenever you need to correct staff you use the positive, negative, positive technique, where possible:
Praise something
, then correct or constructively criticise something, then praise something else (also known as + - +) e.g. "Look ..... You're a hard worker, perhaps it would be easier if you only handled goods once by picking them all up from here and stacking them straight on the truck. We really appreciated that you are always here on time to start, we want to look after you.
NOT "You #@*%wit, I've told you to just stack them on the truck, you never bloody listen! *&@# off".

Good notes, a diary, are always important, be you a complainant, or a supervisor; formal warnings must be formal, generally in writing, and recorded. Record who else is present, or in the area. When talking to the private investigator, during an investigation, you can refer to these notes to refresh your memory, and ensure that any affidavit, or interview, is accurate.
We have private investigators with experience in this area of investigation, your assistance will also help! If you have workplace procedures, or Union agreements we need to be aware of, please advise. If an allegation is made, and you need distance, a private investigator can assist. Contact us for a free quote.