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Insurance investigator service, insurance investigations include factual investigations (interviews and evidence gathering), private investigator surveillance, and research. To investigate phone 1300 966 103, email, or use our online inquiry form Investigators. FREE QUOTES. DISCRETION ASSURED. Ex-police and experienced operatives. When you need a licensed, experienced, private investigator, an insurance claim investigated.

Insurance fraud. There are times when you have questions about an Insurance Claim, including a WorkCover claim, a workplace injury or incident claim, a third party insurance claim, a public liability claim, or an income protection claim investigation, as an income protection investigator. There have been incidents of fraudulent claims where the claimant has been injured playing sport or skylarking then attempted to blame it on a work incident, or a supermarket fall. There have been people with a history of such claims against different employers, or businesses.
Some people make a false claim to a company, or against a company, which triggers alarms bells and is worth investigating. There are only a small percentage of claimants who are fraudulent, but they can claim exorbitant amounts, multiple successful false claims may be the result of someone 'getting away with it' and telling their friends how! We investigate a claim, when you need a public liability claim investigated, a claimant background checked, believe someone is trying a third party claim scam, or a suspicious of a claim. Insurance fraud is not prevalent, apparently, exaggeration, and lying about circumstances, is... many claimants don't see this as fraud, even though it is the most common form of false claim.
This is a cost to both the insurer and the insured. 
The insurer is basically gambling that the total amount of premiums will be higher than the combined cost of successful claims and operating costs, with the difference being their profit. Fraudulent claims erode the profit margin.
For business successful claims result in higher insurance premiums, and an insurance claim 'history'. Private investigators, insurance investigators,are used to verify claims, to confirm or deny suspicions and provide for 'due diligence' and 'quality assurance' with regards the administration of claims. Overt investigations, factual investigations, can include interviews, witness affidavits and locating and preserving evidence relevant to court action. Surveillance investigations are generally covert, and used to establish the level of restrictions displayed by a claimant under real life conditions, for comparison to claimed restrictions in a WorkCover, workplace injury, a civil action, a public liability or third party claim. These are surveillance insurance investigator tasks.

An insurance investigator, insurance investigators, are either a direct employee of the insurance company, or a private investigator contracted by either the insured or the insurance company to investigate. When you need a general insurance investigation, a third party claim investigated, to investigate a public liability claim, use a licensed private investigator.

We also investigate WorkCover fraud, another form of insurance fraud. When you need to hire a private investigator, an insurance investigator, to conduct a private insurance investigation, to investigate a claim or claimed restriction, we are experienced, contact us for a free quote.