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To hire an investigator, investigators, phone 1300 966 103, email In most states of Australia investigators, before they may trade, must be licensed. For 24/7 inquiries use our online form Investigator. Free quotes. There are private investigator information tabs to your left. Our investigators include former Police, we are experienced. Discretion assured. Private Investigation service, private detective agency, using a private investigator in Australia is legal.

For Australian investigators (including major centres such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and rural areas), please contact us. Our services include surveillance, a background check or factual investigation. We investigate for business and the private person. The scope of investigations undertaken is wide. Our investigators conduct due diligence inquiries with regards a workplace injury claim, or investigate suspected Workcover, Workers Compensation claims fraud, as well as conducting corporate investigations about everything from drugs to allegations of harassment; we investigate child custody and family law concerns, as well as investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, or other relationship suspicions. We are an Australian private investigation service, private detective agency. A licensed Australian investigator, investigators, service. We provide free quotes.

When you need to hire a private investigator or private investigator Surveillance investigators, contact us for a free quote. For an Australian private investigator service, a private detective agency, contact us.