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We investigate workplace injury claims, including suspected workplace injury claim fraud, phone 1300 966 103. We conduct surveillance and factual investigations (affidavit gathering, interviews). Experienced private investigators, email We are experienced in Workcover claims covert surveillance and factual inquiries. Use our online form for 24/7 inquiries Investigator Inquiry. Tabs for different private investigator areas of investigation, and form tabs, are also to the left of the page. Use this form to make a Surveillance request. Free quotes. Ex-police and experienced licensed private investigators.

What do you do when you have suspect WorkCover injury claim fraud?
Workcover, the insurer, are there to look after the claimant, and unless there is evidence of a blatant fraudulent claim they accept the claim at face value; once the claim is accepted the claimant becomes their client, to rehabilitate. You are there to pay.

This is where we come in. We conduct due diligence investigations, we also investigate suspect claims, we will look for signs of insurance fraud. Generally we need to know the level of restriction claimed, and/or the circumstances.
To investigate the level of restriction claimed we generally utilise private investigator surveillance. There are rules to how to conduct surveillance in a manner that is legally acceptable. We are aware of these restrictions.
Surveillance is conducted over a period of days, a block of weeks. The amount of money spent on surveillance is dictated by the level of risk the claim poses, the level of restriction claimed and level of suspicion. If the person is claiming total and permanent disability (TPI) as a result of injury, and the requirement for ongoing 24hr care (a multi-million dollar claim) then the amount spent on confirming or denying that claim can be substantial. To investigate the circumstances of a claim we need to be aware of the initial claims and restrictions stated by the worker, we may need to examine the site, we may need to interview other workers, sportsmen/women they play with, patrons at a licensed premises, neighbours or whoever may be able to shed light on the origins of an injury. Suspect claims often come to light after the event when someone else at the workplace mentions that the person actually hurt himself fooling around Saturday night but suddenly 'injured' themselves when no-one was around Monday so they could claim against work. The first you are aware of a claim for a 'minor' injury may be when a large civil action for damages lands on your desk. Sometimes people actually refused ambulance assistance Saturday night and were already thinking ahead!
Call us when you need a private investigator. We investigate suspected workplace injury claim fraud, suspected WorkCover Fraud. We have experience in the surveillance and factual inquiries aspects of the conduct of a WorkCover investigation.