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To have documents served by our Melbourne process servers, Melbourne process server, Melbourne process serving, court documents served service, Victoria process servers call 1300 966 103, email us at (Some documents can be forwarded as PDFs), 24/7 inquiry form Process Servers.
To determine the cost to serve documents please contact us, quotes are free.  Please also remember to allow sufficient time to serve the documents, there are generally specific time frames e.g. must be served more than 28 days prior to the court date.
For more information on our Melbourne process server, Melbourne Process Servers, Melbourne process serving, court document service, Process Server Melbourne by suburb.

Melbourne process server, Melbourne Process Servers, Melbourne process serving, court document service in Melbourne, phone 1300 966 103, free quotes. We serve all documents. Document Service is controlled by Victorian (Vic.) State legislation, generally. Unfortunately, in Victoria, there is no requirement for a licence, there is simply a list of excluded people. The requirement differ between Australian states. Some documents have restrictions on when service can be affected, this generally linked to authorising legislation, or a direction. 
Some Federal documents may be served by anyone, but it is recommended that they are served by a licensed process server, for example divorce papers.
Most court documents have a cut-off they must be served before (e.g. 2 weeks/1 month before the court date), a few have a timeframe that commences from date of service. If the documents are not served by this time, an extension may be sought from the court or a new court date set. Some documents are very time specific.
We provide an experienced Melbourne process server, Melbourne process servers, Melbourne process serving service. We have the knowledge that documents may be served in a variety of places including public places, at the residence, workplaces, mine sites, plants, construction sites, licensed premises (provided the subject isn’t intoxicated), and carparks. They are not generally able to be served in the precinct of a court, however there are exceptions (based on case law).
The documents served include Applications for Divorce (Divorce papers), Family Law summonses and Affidavits, Civil action documents, VCAT documents, Advice documents and Final Notice or Foreclosure documents, notices, summonses, subpoena’s, orders, other court documents and private documents. There may also be notice of action in the higher courts. 

If you need information about serving Divorce papers or to know the general process servers, including postal address of clearing house, and how to pay> Document Requirements, follow the links.