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Cairns Workcover investigation, Cairns Workers' Compensation investigations, Cairns WorkCover investigations, by a private investigator, private detective, ex-police and experienced in the the Workers Compensation investigations, Workers Compensation fraud investigations, Workers Compensation surveillance, WorkCover fraud investigations. For a free quote phone 1300 966 103, email us at, or use our online form investigator. You suspect, we investigate. We investigate for both Government insured, and the privately insured.

The Workers Compensation, WorkCover, investigation process, is long and slow. A Workers Compensation investigation, a private Workers Compensation investigation, involving private investigators, is generally triggered at three times during the process. The first is when the employer first becomes aware of the Workers Compensation incident or claim, to preserve physical evidence and memories. The second is when the employer becomes aware of the acceptance of a claim, and information comes to hand that the claimant is being less than truthful. The third is when they realise that the claimant is not progressing as expected, is apparently getting worse, is actively avoiding return to work activities, or is doctor shopping. A suspicion of fraud may exist We are an experienced Cairns Workers Compensation private investigator, a WorkCover investigator service. You suspect, we investigate, and report, what we do is legal.

As a Cairns private investigator, Cairns private detective, investigation service, we are experienced in the Workcover investigations, Comcare investigations, privately insured (Miners, big business) Workers Compensation insurance investigations, Cairns Workers Compensation investigations, and how the emphasis swings from the employer to the injured employee, once the claim is accepted, as it becomes a return to work exercise, where the objective is rehabilitation of the injured worker. The focus becomes rehabilitation of the claimant, not investigation. We may be called on to assist at any of the three stages. The services include private investigator surveillance and factual investigation (the taking of affidavits, documenting of memories, the location and preservation of evidence). A majority of our work relates to suspected Workers Compensation fraud, Workers Compensation insurance fraud, by a claimant. Sometimes a WorkCover claim is suspect from the start, sometimes a real claim morphs into a suspect claim, and sometimes the level of exposure, as a result of the claim, requires that the claimed restrictions be confirmed by independent observation.

Private investigator surveillance, properly done, is legal. It is a legitimate investigative tool available, where a claim is suspect, or the claimed restrictions must be verified. One of the troubles employers perceive is that, once the claim is accepted, the employee becomes the focus of the insurer, as they seek one of the four return to work objectives. It is also possible that, even if a claim is not accepted, an employee can still pursue civil action against the employer. Cairns WorkCover surveillance, Cairns Workers Compensation surveillance, is not about 'spying' on the worker, it is about verifying the claim. Experienced Workers Compensation private investigator surveillance operatives available.

The onus can fall back on the employer to 'prove' that a claim they suspect is fraudulent is actually fraud, or that the claimed restrictions are exaggerated. They are required to conduct their own Cairns WorkCover investigation, Cairns Workers Compensation claim investigation, to employ an experienced WorkCover investigator. Be wary of advising the Workers compensation file manager of your intention to conduct WorkCover surveillance, because, where a claim is accepted the injured person becomes the client, not the business paying for the insurance. So you must, at least, show that Workers Compensation fraud may be occurring.

When you need Cairns WorkCover investigations, Cairns Workers Compensation investigations, you need an experienced Cairns private investigator, Cairns private detective, WorkCover investigator, Cairns workers Compensation private investigations service, Cairns Workers Compensation surveillance investigations, with knowledge of the WorkCover investigation process, the WorkCover Qld claim process, Workers compensation investigations and the law, to investigate for you. Call us for a free quote.