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Corporate investigations into bullying, harassment, including sexual harassment, in the workplace. Allegations of inappropriate behaviour, Cronyism, Misappropriation, discrimination or harassment of employees, clients, board members, shareholders, clients. These are the allegations that make people cringe, that can send a business to the wall. They are the food of the glossy magazines and soap opera's that are 'reality' tv, the beat ups that convict before a trial. This is not what you want in your workplace. We are independent investigators, experienced private investigators (private detectives). We can help you meet your 'Due Diligence' requirements without being accused of bias. We can investigate, and report, on matters that affect the good management of a business, with an outside perspective. We are discreet. Call us on 1300 966 103, our initial consult is free.  Don't wait for that knock on the door with a writ. Email or for 24/7 inquiries please use our online form investigator.

Allegations of harassment of any sort are bad for the workplace, they need to be investigated, and documented. They may be true, they may be unfounded, if you don't investigate the story will grow. Discrimination, harassment, bullying in the workplace, inappropriate behaviour, sexual harassment; these are all labels that refer to many things including bad work practices, a chinese whispers campaign, the impact of a disgruntled worker in the workplace or an ex-employee, sexual tension and power plays, a toxic culture, or poor management procedures. Harassment or discrimination usually is due to ignorance of correct behaviours, procedures, or the deliberate ignoring correct behaviours. It can sometimes simply come down to a clash of personalities, or of old practices and new expectations. Either places the workplace at risk. All complaints need investigating, an investigation that documents what has occurred, what is occurring; a private investigator is there to conduct investigations.
We investigate complaints of poor work conditions, accepted practices or behaviours that may contribute, saying "It's a cultural thing" "That's how it's always done" "That's how we role" "Role with it" or "No-one complains", when you become aware of an illegal or immoral behaviour won't cut it. The longer it is left, the greater the hazard. It can be a moral hazard, a behaviour, that impacts your business. There are often many factors, not apparent at first glance, affecting both the original complaint and the subsequent outcome. Peoples backgrounds may need examination, Resume's may need verification.
Bringing in external investigators, private investigator, or 'consultants' can show that more senior management takes this seriously. It gives management distance. It can also take away allegations of 'investigating your own' or a staged investigation with preconceived outcomes. A private investigator is independent, or they should be. They should be paid an agreed fee, not a fee based on a particular outcome. It has been observed, at times, that a business may choose to pay for a draft, and bury it, rather than admit to endemic problem, or systemic corruption, that is profitable. That attitude has been known to come back and bite people years later, even triggering the odd Royal Commission.
We really are independent. We will be paid no matter what we find. This is something we do. It may not mean firing staff, it may mean retraining, adjusting working arrangements or looking at other factors impacting on morale. Our investigations are not linear. We look at contributing factors, stressors and the physical workplace or workspace. We recommend improvements. We are discreet. Contact when you need to deal with a problem, for a free quote.
Corporate Executive Management investigations, by a private investigator, relating to fraud or drugs are problems we deal with; Workcover claim fraud comes within our scope of work. When you require Corporate Investigations, relating to Bullying, Harassment, Sexual Harassment in the workplace, use a private investigator, call us.