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For your Forensic Computer Analysis and examination, phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiries form Inquiry. Free Quotes. To examine a computer, a forensic examination, you may just search for lost information, deleted files, or you may be looking for something added in to the computer program. The former is common, and often dealt with by an IT professional. The later less common, and normally dealt with by paid for anti-virus, anti-phishing programs.

The first point is that Computer Forensic Analysis is done by experienced operators, as it is may be used as evidence in court, or to prove or disprove a suspicion, or confirm a fact, through the electronic fingerprints, the evidence, left on a system. 
You need a report that would hold up in court, you need experienced professionals whose affidavits will hold up in court. You need the latest tools to search your programs, you need someone who can find the trail. Some searches are relatively easy, searching for something accidentally deleted. Some are far harder, searching for information someone has chosen to hide. Be aware that some communications programs never record onto the original computer, or phone, but instead use their own servers (such as messenger).
It is the investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device that is important; our investigators need to keep updating both their tools (programs) and their knowledge. Many types of computers can be examined these include your Macs, Apples, towers and laptops, tablets and iphones, computer based phones can be examined. Some more successfully than others. Some of the more unusual computer language systems have their own challenges.
The retrieval of deleted information is restricted by many things including how long since the information was deleted and what has been done to the computer since that time, as well as what operating systems you are running; in simple terms 'deleting' something just removes the link. Over time information is overwritten as the space is required. Reformatting can make it harder to recover, but not destroy information. This is why the best standard for 'destroying' a hard drive containing sensitive information is actually reformatting, then physically destroying it!
WE DO NOT HACK OTHER PEOPLE'S SITES, OTHER PEOPLE'S FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS, NOR OTHER PEOPLE'S TELEPHONE ACCOUNTS. We do conduct computer forensic analysis and examination services. We do not guarantee what we will find on a computer system, only that we will examine it. Some examinations will be done in house, some examinations by third parties with particular expertise. Contact us for an experienced IT specialist examination, a discreet investigation, free quote.