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Workers Compensation insurance investigations, Melbourne Workers Compensation private investigator, WorkSafe (Vic) investigations, phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 form Investigator. Discretion assured, free quotes. Ex-police and experienced Melbourne private investigators, Melbourne private detectives, for private investigator surveillance, workers compensation surveillance, or factual investigation, Workers Compensation fraud investigation.

Have you ever wondered why, as the employer, the person who pays the Workers Compensation insurance for your employees, you feel that you are not being protected? Well this blog by an injured workers support group, showing the Victorian WorkSafe Agents guidelines which may explain how their hands are tied.
It shows that Workers Compensation Insurance services are more about avoiding costs than finding the truth. Workers Compensation private investigator surveillance is an effective, unintrusive (it is called covert surveillance for a reason) way of comparing the claimed restrictions with the displayed capacity of an individual. Most self insured, and Workers Compensation investigators, in other states, get budgets of between 20 and 40 hours on a subject before review. Private investigator surveillance, Workers Compensation fraud investigation surveillance results are related to the hours on target, the time spent observing the subject. We do not interact with the subject, therefore we must wait for their activity.
Worksafe, Workers Compensation insurance, Comcare, Workcover, appear to believe a few good convictions, widely publicised, are more effective than a lot of Workers Compensation investigations. As an employer you should always remember that all claimants aren't scammers, and that sometime private investigator surveillance may bear out a claim, but if there are suspicions, or the exposure is large, Workers compensation surveillance to confirm restrictions is an option.
We investigate early, after an incident, as factual investigators (sometimes called circumstance investigators), to preserve evidence for later production to a court, and to ensure that the examinations are conducted that may reveal contributing circumstances, to avoid repeating the problem. We investigate later, if fraud is suspected, or the level of Workers Compensation claim exposure is such that the claimed restrictions need independent verification. If a claim is accepted by WorkSafe Victoria, then a level of liability may attach to the employer (unless Workers Compensation fraud can be shown), so Workcover surveillance, Melbourne Workers Compensation surveillance, may be about the level of civil compensation the claimant is entitled to, the level of restriction they display in real world circumstances which dictates the compensation due.
If you suspect Workers Compensation insurance fraud, because of worker behaviour, information to hand, evidence of doctor shopping, or the claim came just after a caution, or news of downsizing, call us. If you believe due diligence would require you to confirm the claimed restrictions, given the civil claim exposure or the prospect of the employee being off work, on pay, for an extended period (which raises suspicions), call us for a free quote. When you need private Workers Compensation surveillance Melbourne Workers Compensation private investigator surveillance, or investigation, to protect your interests, contact us, we have experience.

When you suspect Melbourne Workers Compensation insurance fraud, Workers Compensation fraud, or your level of Workers Compensation insurance exposure is such that you need to confirm the claimed restrictions, or investigate the facts, you need a Melbourne private investigator, call us for a free quote.