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Why hire a private investigator? because we are there to find the answers for you. Phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 online form Investigators. Free quotes. Discretion assured. There are private investigator information links to the left of the page for your assistance. Ex-police and experienced operatives.

We are here to look after your interests. You hire a PI to investigate on your behalf, and report to you (or your solicitor).
The biggest difference between a lawyer, a solicitor, a barrister, and a private investigator is the method of operation, when preparing to deal with your Criminal, Civil, or Family Law, investigation. Investigators get out and about to find evidence, gather versions of events in affidavit or statutory declaration form, record the contributing conditions and look for evidence to support your version of events, or any dangers to your case. They are able to conduct surveillance to establish breaches of duty or obligation, and compile a brief, before the court case commences. 
Private Investigators conduct investigations, they gather the evidence to establish facts, which then permits the legal team to get a witness to commit to a version, before offering evidence that they are an unreliable witness or the reality is different to their stated position.
Hiring a private investigator is an active step towards defending yourself, and gathering the evidence to show a court your innocence; for criminal matters instructions are generally taken through your legal team, to preserve the 'privileged' status of the investigation. For civil matters, where a lower standard of proof is required to either 'prove' or 'disprove' an element instructions are often taken from the client, prior to the commencement of court action. Our surveillance, and factual investigation, is lawfully done, and the evidence obtained can be used in a court, tribunal, or negotiation.
A private investigators may be known as a PI, a private detective, a private eye, or simply an investigator. They are a person licensed to gather private information and conduct surveillance.
A Lawyer, Solicitor or Barrister tends to focus on the theatre of court and how to deal with information presented to them, we conduct the investigation, we prepare the information, they use the information for the theatre of court using precedence, compliance with guidelines, principles and legislation. When you need a private investigator for a Criminal matters click here. When you need to investigate, hire a private investigator, a PI, a private eye, for a Civil matters click here. We provide a free quote.