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Criminal defence investigation and defence brief preparation, private investigators for Criminal, Civil, tribunal defence research, affidavit gathering, and court brief preparation. Telephone 1300 966 103, email Free quotes, 24/7 inquiries Investigators. There are private investigator information tabs on the left of the page. Our private investigators include ex-Police. Call us when you need an experienced licensed private investigator. Our Discretion is Assured.

Our investigators, in this area, are generally ex-Police and experienced investigators. We are constantly being surprised by how poorly some Police investigate, how they fail the basic concept of a chain of possession for evidence, how badly some are at recognising what should be examined, how badly some Police behave, how unwisely some Police use their power of arrest (sometimes to 'teach someone a lesson'), and how corrupt some Police actions appear. It seems more Police are on a 'power trip' now, and are more disconnected from the community, than in previous times.
It is disappointing, at times, when someone is targeted as a result of false information spread about them, or Police perception influenced by information supplied by someone with their own agenda.
The modern era has bought with it some advantages, and some disadvantages; at times it seems the disadvantages of police unable to simply communicate with people, and deal with a situation, in a computer and statistic driven system, has destroyed the once accepted norm of treating people, and each situation, as you find it.

Criminal defence (criminal, civil or tribunal defence are similar) is sometimes seen as the province of the solicitor or barrister. They are your legal representation in court, they understand the law, precedent and the theatre that is a court room. Each has their own tricks and preferences for dealing with an incident. There are some members of the legal profession who choose to specialise in matters such as criminal law to the exclusion of all other areas.
Our private investigators (private detectives) focus on another area of defence, of equal importance. We conduct investigations, the on ground inquiries. Criminal defence investigation is the location and preservation of evidence, including interviews and the taking of affidavits, covert surveillance to establish what is really happening or the relationship between people, and the conduct of overt investigations to establish the facts, timelines, locate evidence, and uncover those things the other side would prefer are kept hidden. 
Whilst a solicitor or barrister waits for matters to be brought to them, or presented by the other side, we go looking for the evidence or that witness. Call us for your criminal defence investigation. We are a private investigation service, utilised for active investigation and gathering of witness affidavits, evidence, the preparation of defence briefs, and for problem solving.

When you need assistance with criminal defence, someone to investigate, including ex-Police, to gather evidence, conduct interviews, and compile briefs, to prepare you for court, you need private investigators, contact us for a free quote.