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NSW Process Server, New South Wales process server, phone 1300 966 103, email free quotes, for 24/7 inquiries use our form process server. Need to serve a court document? We get documents served.

For all the information to server your documents including mailing address, cover instructions requirements, methods of payment and timeframes, Process Server Document Requirements. For further information with regards the service of divorce papers please follow Serving Divorce Application papers.

Process Servers serve documents, usually court documents, court processes, but we also deliver private papers. We provide a documents delivery server covering the Greater Sydney area, through to Newcastle, and are networked across regional New South Wales (NSW), with our local, licensed, NSW process server, NSW, NSW private agents, NSW CAPI operatives.

For some documents you may see a reference to a 'sealed' copy to be served. This is not referring to sealed in an envelope, the court seal, or stamp, signifies that the form has been processed by the court, and assigned a court date (usually found in a box in the top right of a front page, showing the court location and date, along with a reference number). Some international forms we serve have an embossed stamp (a raised stamp), rather than just the ink used generally in Australia.

A NSW process server is a person licensed as a New South Wales process server or a sub-agent (class of CAPI licence). They are entitled to enter a property for the purpose of serving a document, to make inquiries, to establish if the person resides at an address or when they will return if personal service is required. There is a common law right to go up to someone's door, for this purpose. The court has an expectation that reasonable attempts at service will be made, and that if a person is avoiding service, or cannot be reasonably found, the court may instruct that we do a substitute service. Some documents can be left with another person at a residence (substitute service), for the person or entity named when initially attempting service. This is still considered a served court document, it is a form of effective service. Many people have very little experience in court processes, especially those applying for a divorce, a process server is a person experienced in this area.

When you need a NSW process server, NSW process servers, Newcastle Process Server or a Sydney Process Server, contact us for a free quote.