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Victoria, Australia. Victoria process servers, Victoria process server, Victoria process serving court documents, Victorian process serving service. For servers phone 1300 966 103, email us at, or for 24/7 inquiries use our form Process Server. Process Servers, Document Delivery, Serving, divorce applications, initiating applications, breaches, notices, orders, advice, subpoena's, summonses, production orders, tribunal notifications, All court documents, court papers, private papers.
We serve documents of tribunals, Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts, Family Law Court, Federal Circuit Court. We serve documents in all State of Australia, including W.A. (Please note for divorce matters W.A. is slightly different).

To have documents served by the process servers of The Private Group Pty Ltd:
(Some documents can be forwarded as PDFs)
*online inquiry forms are available from the list to the left of any page.

Post to head office for distribution and service:
The Private Group Process Servers
PO Box 2245
Idalia Q 4811
We recommend using 'Express Post' as the minimum standard for documents, when mailing.  Please remove the tracking number sticker and retain, before posting.  Even if you are not in the service area, you can track your documents.
Please make cheques or money orders payable to:
The Private Group Process Servers

Payment by electronic transfer:
The Private Group Pty Ltd
BSB    014 535A/C    306 081 085
Swiftcode for overseas transfer is ANZVAU3M

For electronic transfer please use your surname or the company name as the identifier. If paying over the counter please use your phone number as the identifier.
To determine the cost of process service please contact us, quotes are free.  Please also remember to allow sufficient time to serve the documents, there are generally specific time frames e.g. must be served more than 28 days prior to the court date. If forwarding urgent documents for service please mark as URGENT.

Victorian process servers, Victorian process serving, commercial process serving, is about speed and accuracy, plus experience. We need the person to be served's name, address, any alternate address (e.g. work), contact phone numbers, where they work, any other information that may assist to serve your documents (e.g. works Monday, Wednesday, Friday or works at mine 1 week on, 1 week off, next week off is.....).  For Divorce Application Service please follow the link at the bottom of the page.
Please indicate how current the information is.  It is not unusual for people to move, especially for divorce and Family Law (custody) matters. Sometimes we are only as effective as the information we receive, so please give all the information you can. For a Victoria process server, Victorian process servers, Victoria process serving, court document service, contact us for a free quote. When you need a Melbourne process server, call us.

When you have international, different State, or local court papers to be served, contact The Private Group process servers, Victoria process server, Victoria process servers, Victoria process serving, court documents served, Victorian process servers.