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To investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, an unfaithful partner, investigate cheating partner suspicion, cheating in a relationship, phone 1300 966 103, email us at, or for 24/7 inquiries use our form Investigator.
Should I use a private investigator?
Why? One. They aren't committing stalking. Two. They are not emotionally involved. Three. They are deniable. Our private investigators are skilled and discreet. They can prove or disprove your suspicion, they can verify a claim, and they can give you the information, the evidence, you need to make a decision. When you need a private investigator, a private detective, private investigator surveillance, infidelity detectives, to investigate an unfaithful spouse, infidelity in a relationship, to turn suspicion into fact, discreetly, contact us. We usually use private investigator surveillance to gather the evidence sought, for a relationship investigation, a cheating partner investigation. A private investigator is there because, without evidence, the truth is just an allegation. We are experienced, when you need to investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, investigate cheating partner suspicion. Discretion assured.

You may have had to investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, investigate cheating partner suspicion before, but we have. Private investigators, private detectives, experienced in private investigator surveillance, infidelity surveillance, adultery surveillance, cheating partner surveillance, factual investigation, and research. Yes, we are experienced. Yes, we have done this before. When you need to investigate suspected infidelity, adultery, cheating, an unfaithful partner or other relationship issues, call us, we are experienced, we know how to investigate a suspicion. There are private investigator information tabs to the left of the page, for more information on areas such as surveillance, and factual investigation. Private investigation is legal. Private investigator surveillance, done properly, is legal. Private relationship investigation, cheating partner investigation, is legal. The evidence obtained can be used in court, a tribunal, negotiation, or for personal information.

You are not the first, you won't be the last. And yes, we have helped people with this sort of problem before. Sometimes it's just changed behaviour such as being possessive of the mobile phone, unaccounted for hours, sneaky texting, trips away or on the internet all night. There are suspicions and you need to know. We can help. Some people know their partner is cheating, but just want independent confirmation. Some people want to confirm that it is with the person they suspect.  Sometimes it's a boyfriend or girlfriend, sometimes a husband or wife, sometimes a partner. Other times we are contacted by a parent or friend. Everyone is different. As a private investigator service, a private investigation service, with experience in relationship investigations, we are discreet; we report our finding to the client, only.
Quite often we supply resources to conduct surveillance, where there is a suspicion. We are also asked to verify claims about where people went and what they did. We have been asked to take up residence next to someone who has gone away for a 'holiday' and conducted surveillance. We have sent staff on cruises to observe, and record, what actually went on during that 'girls only' holiday. We have met flights, to see who they are traveling with.
We have made inquiries, and conducted private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, on former partners for people who just 'need to know', to discreetly investigate, for closure, so they can close that chapter of their life. Most people need to balance their logical and emotional sides. Private investigator surveillance, done correctly, is legal. It is a way to gather evidence of infidelity, adultery, a cheating partner; to prove what is happening. Relationship surveillance, infidelity surveillance, adultery surveillance, cheating partner surveillance investigations, must usually be done discreetly, we understand that, we are experienced.
No two matters are the same. People have different needs, and desires. People react differently. Adultery has been an inconvenient, and mostly unacceptable problem, since the time of Moses (I think it's no. 7 on the ten commandments list). We are not here to judge, simply to find the answers to your questions. Another consideration is the many costs of adultery, infidelity, cheating in a relationship. Cheaters aren't just diverting funds, they are increasing the risk for both partners, and stressing the marriage. For more about infidelity surveillance, or to Catch a cheating partner, for a private investigator, a private detective, to investigate, contact us for a free quote.

Still not sure you need a private investigator?  It is a big step. 
Perhaps this article, Is my partner cheating may help. Do not put up with an abusive relationship, if they did it before they WILL do it again! If you suspect infidelity, adultery, a cheating partner, an unfaithful spouse, you have a suspicion about the relationship, that you need to investigate, you need an experienced, licensed, discreet private investigator, a discreet private detective, call us.