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Relationship investigator private investigator surveillance, cheating partner suspicion surveillance, adultery surveillance, private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, discretion assured, free quotes. For a surveillance investigation phone 1300 966 103, for 24/7 inquiries use our online form Investigation Inquiry, or email us at You need evidence? You suspect cheating? a cheater? infidelity? adultery? We investigate infidelity, we investigate adultery, we investigate cheating partner suspicion, we conduct surveillance, we make inquiries, we conduct relationship private investigator surveillance. We are there to turn suspicion into fact. When you suspect, call a discreet private investigator, call us! A private investigator is there because, without evidence, the truth is an allegation. You suspect, we investigate. You may not have had to conduct a cheating partner investigation, a relationship investigation, but we have, experienced and discreet.

Infidelity: unfaithfulness, adultery, 'playing up', cheating, an affair, sex outside of marriage or a living arrangement. It may extend to any living arrangement, but not to the 'open' marriage concept, except where cheating is the failure to maintain communications.
Private investigator surveillance, relationship surveillance, cheating partner surveillance: To watch, follow, observe and record the actions of another. Covert surveillance is undertaking by private investigators. Private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained can be used for court, tribunal, negotiation, or personal information. Where you need proof, to prove what you suspect or know is happening, surveillance is an option. Surveillance is about discreet observation of an unaware subject. We have experienced, licensed, discreet, private investigator surveillance operatives, private detective surveillance operatives, we conduct private investigator relationship investigation surveillance, private investigator cheating partner investigation surveillance.
Private investigator relationship surveillance is used to gather evidence of infidelity, adultery, an affair, cheating in a relationship. We conduct a discreet investigation, and report back to you. Private investigator relationship surveillance, cheating partner surveillance, is legal, when done correctly.

Surveillance is about confirming or denying a suspicion, or establishing a fact. For a relationship investigation this is usually video evidence, low light still image evidence, surveillance evidence, to support the observations of the investigator. Infidelity surveillance is the method of choice, when seeking to investigate a suspected affair.
We will ask for the information you can give about the person; their description (a photo is handy), their habits, vehicles used (rego's are also handy!), where they work, where they go, their preferences and behavioural changes. Some people know quite a lot about their partners infidelity, they can nominate the other party, when, where and how. They seek independent confirmation of their suspicion. Some have already separated, and want to confirm their suspicions, or gain leverage.
Please remember you are not the first this has happened to, and you won't be the last. Relationships are tricky, relationship investigation, cheating partner investigation, is generally of a discreet nature. Consider what you will do with the evidence; do not do anything illegal, because a DV order, or criminal conviction, will affect all the later court actions. Try to think ahead, and plan your next move, as logically as you can. Your partners infidelity shouldn't lead to your downfall.
We take the information you provide, and use it to tailor surveillance to your needs. We want to get the evidence you seek, the proof you need.
We do not assume; it may not be a member of the opposite sex, it may be an online affair, it may be drugs, it may be another obsession. We need to keep an open mind and see where the relationship surveillance or investigation leads us, not try an force it in one direction.
Some of the things that make our job challenging include people who utilise public transport and various vehicles during their day, people who are surveillance aware (never threaten to get a private investigator!), paranoid people (drug users).  We have to be advised of these things so we can work around them, and plan for them.
Private investigator relationship surveillance, looking at a suspected affair, investigating infidelity, investigating adultery, investigating cheating, investigating an affair, a cheater in the relationship, is about looking at a portion of a persons life and building up a picture. We generally work in multiple days of surveillance, a block of surveillance, and try to work at least a week ahead. It is very difficult to pick a day and say 'That will be the day they meet their lover'. There are too many variables. When an affair is suspected, try to lower your reactions, because attacking them will make them more secretive, on guard, and you want their guard down. Sex may not always be how the infidelity starts, nor actually the main driver; for some it is someone who is not involved, to talk to, for some paid sex takes away the emotional cost.
You need to plan ahead, and look over a number of days. We may be able to help in a number of ways, as well as conduct surveillance. Remember, you should also consider what you will do with the information; confronting them may not be the best way to go about things.
Using the information to make your decisions in an informed way is wise. For more on Relationships and Infidelity. For other ways we may assist with an unfaithful partner. When you need an experienced, licensed private investigator, to investigate a partners behaviour, suspected infidelity, a cheater, to investigate cheating partner suspicions, experienced surveillance operatives for a relationship investigation, cheating partner surveillance, discreet investigations, contact us.