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Unfaithful, unfaithfulness, infidelity, adultery, these are the words you don't want to use to describe a relationship. When the suspicion arises contact us to investigate. Phone 1300 966 103, email us at or for 24/7 inquiries please use our online form Investigator. Private investigators can assist in various ways including private investigator surveillance, factual inquiries, and research such as backtracking phone numbers and addresses. We utilise fuzzy logic, making our searches superior to a computer! When you suspect an unfaithful partner, need to investigate an unfaithful partner, investigate unfaithfulness, to investigate infidelity, or investigate adultery, a relationship breakdown, you need a relationship investigation, a cheating partner investigation, a personal investigator, personal detective, call us. Discretion assured.

Other facets of an infidelity investigation may include searching phone numbers, tracking down witnesses, confirming if they stayed by themselves in a room, or if, indeed, they even stayed in that room! Going into the past is far harder than investigating the present, so it is more effective to conduct private investigator surveillance now than the research who stayed in a room six months ago. The Australian Privacy Act has made infidelity research far more difficult than it once was. The Act protects the guilty, not the innocent. Relationship surveillance, private investigator surveillance, is still an effective way of investigating unfaithfulness, to investigate infidelity, investigate an affair. When you suspect unfaithfulness, suspect an unfaithful partner, suspect infidelity, a discreet investigation may be prudent.
We can search for information about telephone numbers or addresses. We can assist with tools and techniques for gaining information in other ways, although advances in antispyware, and paid for anti-virus, are gradually restricting this avenue of approach, as the risk increases.
We can help with that computer, or phone, and forensic examination and investigation, as long as we can stay within the law.
We may not always be able to do the job ourselves, ethically, but we may be able to point you in the right direction. We will not install, nor supply, illegal listening devices and the like, but we cannot control what you do. Please remember, if what you do is illegal, then the evidence obtained cannot be used for court purposes. As a private investigator service we are obliged to act ethically, and within the law; we are a legal avenue to investigate an affair, investigate unfaithfulness, investigate an unfaithful partner, infidelity suspicion investigation. We will not be party to illegal activity, should we become aware of a dishonest intention we will withdraw. Adultery, and unfaithfulness, are an emotional betrayal, you need to think through your reactions, and ensure you don't do do something that will result in a domestic violence or criminal history, no matter how good it makes you feel at the time. There is a future, having these labels will impede that future.
For more on relationship investigation, investigate unfaithfulness, and unfaithful partner, to investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, and unfaithful partners or information on Infidelity Surveillance contact us for a free quote. These are come signs, that your partner is unfaithful, signs of infidelity, or a need to investigate adultery.

If you suspect unfaithfulness, need a personal private investigator, personal private detective, a personal matter investigated, a discreet investigation, to investigate unfaithfulness, to investigate an unfaithful partner, investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, investigate an affair, we are experienced and discreet. We conduct a relationship investigation, a cheating partner investigation, we investigate suspicion, investigate changed behavior. When you suspect, we investigate, to prove or disprove suspicion, establish facts, gather evidence. You may not have had to do investigate an unfaithful partner, investigate adultery, before but we have. Discretion assured.