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Canberra private investigator, Canberra private detective, Canberra private investigators, Canberra private detectives, Canberra private investigation service, for investigations phone 1300 966 103, email us at, 24/7 inquiries form Investigators, free quotes. There are Canberra private investigator information links to the left of the page. When you need experienced Canberra private investigators, Canberra private detectives, Canberra operatives, including ex-police investigators, for private investigator surveillance investigations, a background check (Australia or International), factual investigation, or missing persons inquiries, contact us. You suspect, we investigate.

We are a Canberra private investigator, Canberra private detective, Canberra private detectives, Canberra private investigators, Canberra private investigation service; we operate in Canberra, the ACT. We investigate for business and the private person, and two answer the two most common questions, first. Yes, private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly, and the evidence can be used in court, and yes, the evidence obtained from factual investigations, when untainted and collected in the right format, can be used in court.
Comcare, Workcover, Workers Compensation investigations, insurance claims and workplace injury insurance claims investigated; we investigate suspected Workers compensation fraud, Comcare fraud, Workcover fraud, as well as conduct due diligence Workers Compensation investigations, Comcare investigations, where exposure dictates that claimed restrictions be verified. We investigate for companies, businesses and the self insured.
Criminal Defence. Taking police inquiries to all logical conclusions, locating the evidence the other side don't want produced in court; we are aware that not everyone charged is guilty. Intelligence gathering / investigation / evidence gathering.
Civil complaints
, including tribunals (defence brief preparation, prosecution investigations) investigation conducted, we search for the evidence to support a claimed position.
We investigate
suspected drug and criminal activity; we are not the police, therefore we can report back to you and let you decide what is to be done with the information.
Relationship investigations
, we are the way to confirm or deny a suspicion, or verify a fact. Infidelity, adultery, an affair, a cheating partner. We investigate cheating partner suspicion, and other suspicions such as drugs, gambling. We conduct Canberra relationship surveillance, cheating partner surveillance, private investigator surveillance, relationship investigations. It is legal to investigate a cheating partner suspicion, for a private investigator to conduct surveillance, a relationship investigation. We always urge clients that, no matter the outcome, they do not commit a criminal offence, no matter how good it would make them feel. A DV order, a criminal conviction, jail, is not worth it.
Family Law and child custody investigations, child access investigations, concerns and suspicion, such as breaches, custody inquiries and confirmation of suspicions re treatment of children or contact with undesirables, investigations of living arrangements or work. Child custody investigations, child access investigation, are legal, and the evidence obtained can be used for court.
Background check
, Criminal History checks, Resume verification, are all conducted by our experienced investigators. A background check, Australia or overseas, is difficult, but Australia does present the biggest challenge, with our Privacy Act.
Missing Persons, including adopted children/birth/ mother/father/parents, and  witness location for court matters. when you need to find someone in Australia, locate someone in Australia, we have the experience.
Surveillance, is used in the conducting of investigations, it may be either static or mobile surveillance, vehicle mounted or on foot. Surveillance is used to prove or disprove a theory, establish a fact or gather intelligence. It is often used for Workcover, and child custody investigations. It is used for relationship investigations, to investigate cheating partner suspicions. We have experienced, licensed, Canberra private investigator surveillance operatives, Canberra private detective surveillance operatives, Canberra Workers Compensation surveillance operatives, available.
Factual Investigation is the term given to an overt investigation, including speaking to people, locating and interviewing witnesses, the gathering of affidavits (statements), the compilation of timelines, the dissection and investigation of allegations (including allegations briefs), and the location and preservation of evidence. this form of private investigation is used for most criminal and civil court actions, including Workers Compensation investigations,
Private Investigation is investigating, the gathering of personal information, evidence, and conduct of private investigator surveillance, for reward. We do not 'spy'; we gather evidence to support a fact, or alternatively, prove or disprove a theory, we investigate in Canberra. Contact us for Canberra private investigator, Canberra private detective, Canberra private investigators, Canberra private detectives, Canberra private investigations operatives, for a free quote.

Canberra private investigator surveillance is legal. It is the discreet observation of an unaware subject, not designed to cause harm. Private investigation is legal. Private Workers Compensation investigations, private Comcare investigations, are legal. They are a way for the business, the employer, to protect themselves from fraud. Private child custody investigations, child access surveillance, is legal. In court the truth is only an allegation, without evidence. Relationship investigations, cheating partner surveillance, is legal. It is the discreet way to confirm or deny a theory or suspicion, to verify the facts. Private investigation is about finding evidence, when some choose a convenient lie over the truth. A private investigator provides a service, because you may not have had to do this before, but we have.