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Hire a private investigator, phone 1300 966 103, email We work for you. For 24/7 inquiries please use our online form Investigator Inquiry. Free quotes. A private investigator is a person who is licensed to gather private information, and conduct surveillance, for reward. Investigations can include surveillance, factual investigations, research, and background checks. Ex-police and experienced investigators, networked across Australia.

Hire a private investigator to address suspicions, concerns, to find evidence or find a person, to conduct surveillance or factual investigations. The areas covered are quite diverse.There are private investigator information tabs to the left of the page to assist you.
Covert surveillance is used to gather evidence discreetly, the objective is generally to prove or disprove a theory, or a claim made by a party; it may also be used to establish a fact or link two parties, or to gather intelligence. Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained, usually surveillance journals and supporting footage, can be used for court, a tribunal, or negotiation.
Factual investigation is an overt action, it includes talking to people, interviews, the taking of affidavits or statement, the location and preservation of evidence and the compilation of briefs. Hiring a private investigator for a factual investigation is a way of having a professional gather evidence, check a prosecution brief, provide a defence brief, or gather information supporting or opposing a position.
We investigate, including an Australian background investigation; we investigate criminal, civil, family law, child custody, and relationship concerns. When you are ready for an investigation hire a private detective, hire a private investigator, a licensed professional, to investigate on your behalf.
Why hire a private investigator?  Because they work for you.