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Ex-Police, Ex-Government Investigators, International Fraud Specialists, Ex-Undercover Agents and Experienced Field Operatives

For your Victorian private investigators and surveillance operatives. Telephone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 online form Investigators. Free Quotes.  Our Discretion is Assured.

Our Private Investigators in Victoria (Investigations). We have investigators servicing these area's. We do not maintain an office in all area's, as this is a cost we would have to pass on.
Some of our investigators work from home offices.  Our staff include Ex-Police, Ex-Government Investigators, International Fraud Specialists and Experienced Field Operatives.  Some of our locations also have surveillance vehicles and equipment stored there, other specialist services may work out of the same building.
We are a mobile service, traveling to provide assistance to you and investigate on your behalf. Our Services include Surveillance and Factual inquiries. 
We have experienced staff in a number of investigation area's including:
Corporate Investigations,
Criminal Defence (Taking police inquiries to all logical conclusions, Locating the evidence the other side don't want produced in court),
Intelligence gathering,
Civil complaints, Relationship inquiries (cheating, suspicions, infidelity, adultery),
Surveillance, child custody investigations, Family Law, Fraud, Background check, Resume verification, Missing Persons (Including adopted children/birth parents),
and Location of Persons for various purposes, such court witnesses. Contact us for a free  quote.

We are Melbourne private investigators, we service Melbourne suburbs as investigators. We provide a country area service including Bendigo Private Investigators, Surveillance, and the Alpine Area's.