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Our company was formed as a progression from an established partnership, formed in 2002. Our Director is a former member of the Queensland Police (16yrs), and also a sworn special constable in other states, as well as a retired member of a military special conditions unit. 
The Director has served in, or been seconded to, various units, task forces or divisions as member, team leader or officer in charge. 
He qualified with various weapons including semi-auto's, revolvers, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, machine guns, anti-armour weapons and mortars, mines and improvised devices (booby trapping esp.). 
He held a police rating 1 (police above average, the highest rating) as a driver, and was one of the original 'Police Operation Skills and Tactics' pilot instructors whilst working on the Gold Coast. 
He has been trained in first aid up to the standard of Occupational First Aid with oxy-viva, entanox and auto-defib.  He was a trainer in various area's including first aid, vehicle operations and weapons. 
He was qualified to run all Australian Army fixed and cine ranges. He was trained in various facets of warfare including air mobile operations, conventional warfare, operating in small groups, water borne assault, survival, air portability and DC accept aircraft operations, vertical insertion, jungle warfare and aid to the civil power.
He has experience in major incidents, operational planning, application of laws and powers, plus extensive investigation experience.
The Director is the holder of a number of honours and awards. On completion of his service he obtained training, and re-certification, in a number of civilian qualifications and worked in contract fire fighting, mining, construction and adult training for short periods.

Our Director has traveled extensively, and developed networks that provide the framework for our business; as he puts he has lived an interesting life but it comes at a cost.  Investigations Division, surveillance, process servers.