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Private investigator, private detective, private investigation, service. Factual investigation, a background check (Australia), missing person inquiry, child custody investigation, child access investigation, Workers Compensation investigation, Comcare investigation, Workers Compensation surveillance, Workcover surveillance, or private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, investigations, including relationship investigation, to investigate cheating partner suspicion, cheating partner surveillance, for investigations phone 1300 966 103, email us at [email protected]. Staff include former police, ex-government investigators, and experienced field operatives.There are private investigator, private detective, information links on the left of the page. You suspect, we investigate.

Private Investigations is split roughly into two sphere's, being factual investigations and private investigator surveillance. Each of these split into more specialist sub-groups, all relate to the gathering of evidence. These are not neat distinct groups, however, with quite a lot of investigations requiring skills drawn from across the range, private investigator research lies between the two. Private investigator research, using private and public indices, social media and open source information, combined with years of research experience, to locate someone in Australia, to find someone in Australia. To complete a file the private investigator, private detective, may require private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, on ground inquiries, affidavit or statement taking, physical recording of evidence on video or still images, research and very occasionally the use of specialist in different forensic sciences, to gather expert evidence. When you need to investigate, experienced, licensed, private investigators, private detectives, can assist in your investigation.

WHY HIRE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR? Because we work for you. A private investigator is there because, without evidence, the truth is just an allegation.

Do not confuse a legal system with justice. You need a Private Investigator, private detective, on your legal team, private investigations to search for the evidence.

We provide Private Investigators, private detectives, to meet your needs (where legal and practicable). Hiring a private investigator is legal. Hiring a private detective is legal. Private investigation is legal. Private investigator surveillance, done correctly, is legal. HR investigations, using a private investigator, private detective, are legal, and good way to provide distance between the company and the investigation. Private Workers Compensation investigations, done correctly, are a lawful way to protect your insurance exposure. Relationship investigations, without criminal intent, are legal, and a discreet way of confirming or denying a cheating partner suspicion, or gathering evidence of the facts.

A private investigator, private detective, is licensed to conduct a private investigation, gather private information about a person, and conduct private investigator surveillance, for reward. Some people find the idea of private investigators, private detectives, distasteful. Private investigations, private investigators, private detectives, are mostly about protecting people from fraud, from scams, from those that would abuse their trust, or who would happily lie to gain an advantage. This includes using private investigators, private detectives, for private Workers Compensation investigations, child custody investigations, child access investigations, relationship investigations (usually surveillance to investigate cheating partner suspicions, infidelity, adultery suspicion). We provide the expertise to investigate a possible fraud, or deception, to protect the innocent party from lies. In Australia private investigation is legal, for a reason.