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Investigate a cheating partner, investigate adultery, investigate an affair, relationship investigations, suspicion investigated by a private investigator, private detectives. We investigate a cheating spouse! Phone 1300 966 103, 24/7 email us at [email protected]. We provide free quotes. Discretion is assured. Cheating in a relationship is corrosive, suspicion of cheating in a relationship is also corrosive. Having the facts lets you make decisions and move forward. You suspect, we investigate. We do investigate cheating and relationship suspicion, we conduct cheating partner surveillance.

A cheating partner, a relationship cheater, isn't something new; cheating has got easier with the internet, mobile phones, credit cards, electronic transfers, ATMs, Ipads and sites dedicated to any and every secret whim or desire. The old question 'is my wife cheating? is she having an affair?' or 'is my husband cheating? is he having an affair?', do I have a cheating partner? has become both harder and easier to answer in the modern age. The evidence trail is left more easily, but is also guarded more easily by PIN numbers, and security on devices, plus some sites host the emails, use remote VPN sites, so no trace is left on a device.

Catching a cheating husband, wife or partner, has also changed, as it isn't always the pretty secretary or milkman anymore! We have adapted to a new environment. We have had to throw some preconceptions out the window and embrace a world without as many sexual barriers! The methods used to avoid suspicion have also expanded with technology, a secret mobile phone, a hidden email account, an anonymous website entry, you are fighting technology specifically designed to let a partner avoid detection, whilst cheating, having an affair. We know that you may find that your partner throws the question back at you as 'don't you trust me?' and 'don't be ridiculous', 'prove it' statements.
Two rules, One, never do anything illegal, no matter how good it may make you feel at the time. Two, create a free anonymous email account (a gmail, a hotmail, a google) not linked to your name, to contact us with.
And two tips, never threaten to get a private investigator! but do start a diary.

Relationship investigations, catching a cheating partner, investigate cheating partner, can take patience and fuzzy logic. Just because you decide to investigate this week doesn't mean they will come together this week. You are dealing with many unknowns. Does the other party have a partner, do they travel, are they sick (or are they caring for sick kids), has something else happened in their life? You cannot know the answers to all the questions, therefore you need to show patience in investigating what is happening. Most relationship investigations involve surveillance, private investigator surveillance, as few people will tell you what is really going on. Many people have a suspicion, not everyone will investigate, to prove an affair, adultery, a cheating partner. Relationship investigations, private investigator surveillance, is legal. Conducting a private investigation is legal. Hiring a private investigator is legal. When the request is investigate cheating partner, catch cheating partner, relationship surveillance, you may not have done it before, but we have.

We investigate relationship suspicions, investigate cheating partner suspicions, a suspected cheating partner, infidelity, adultery, an affair. When you need to know is my partner cheating? Contact us for a free quote.

Most relationship investigations are investigated using surveillance. Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly. The evidence obtained can be used for court, if required. It is the discreet way to confirm a suspicion, or verify a fact. Do not try to conduct surveillance yourself, if you are caught it is hard to deny, and it makes it harder for the professionals, as the subject becomes more wary. Surveillance is deigned to be a non-intrusive way to gather evidence. It is the observation is an unaware subject, to observer their actions, interactions, and capacities. The private investigator generally records video evidence, or still images, to support their observations. We have experienced, licensed, private investigators who conduct relationship surveillance investigations regularly; we are not here to judge, but to gather the evidence to prove or disprove a suspicion, or verify a fact. Using private investigators does allow deniability, should an alert or sensitive subject suspect something is going on. You can assist by not changing your behaviour (such as suddenly encouraging them to go out). Do stop accusing them, vocally. We make use of this suspicion, by changing our vehicles and behavior, so the person looking for the big blue car doesn't notice the little white one! For sensitive subjects multiple operators, in multiple vehicles, in best; this is also more expensive. When you need a relationship investigation, to investigate a cheating partner, contact us for a free quote.