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Private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained can be used in a court or tribunal. When you need something investigated, when you need to discreetly prove a suspicion or verify a fact, private investigator surveillance is often a way to do this. We have ex-police, and experienced, licensed, private investigator surveillance operatives available, phone 1300 966 103, email us at [email protected] for 24/7 inquiries. We do give free quotes.

We need as much information as you are able to give us, to tailor the surveillance to meet your needs. The reason we ask for this is because even when supplied with a photograph we may rely on secondary information to confirm the identification.  People often do not look like the photo! We may seem cautious when talking to you about surveillance investigation request, we have to ensure we are not assisting someone to break the law. We try to structure our surveillance to be compliant with the Privacy Act, so the evidence obtained can be used before a court or tribunal.
Our investigators have never seen them before, however, if we know they like to wear, such as jeans, they smoke, they're left handed and always wear a gold chain, the drive a bright red sports car, registration number known, and this all matches the person, as well, then our agent can be reasonably confident they have the right person!
Covert private investigator surveillance, discreet surveillance, is generally conducted for things such as Workcover investigations (Workcover surveillance), relationship suspicions, child support questions or child custody inquiries. Surveillance is the discreet observation of an unaware subject, to observe their capacities, actions and interactions. It generally includes the private investigator recording video evidence, or still images, to support their observations.
If you have photographs of the surveillance subject, or their vehicle, this often assists our investigators. Our preference is emailed photographs in JPeg format. The better briefed we are the more likely that a result, in line with your objective, will be obtained.
When you require private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, don't be concerned if you have never done this before, because we have. We understand the need for evidence, the proof, when you need something investigated.

Workers Compensation surveillance is legal, when done correctly; the objective is not to be intrusive, or cause harm to the subject. You are trying to get real world evidence of capacity, to compare with the claimed restrictions. Workers Compensation surveillance, Comcare surveillance, Workcover surveillance, insurance claim surveillance, is undertaken by employers, to protect themselves, especially where fraud is suspected. Once a claim is accepted it generally doesn't remove all liability, it may reduce it to match the real world capacities of the claimant.
Relationship surveillance is undertaken where an affair is suspected, to investigate cheating partner suspicions. The partner displays unusual or changed behaviour, loses weight, takes more care with their appearance, joins a gym,  protects their phone. Sometimes the client is 100% correct, and an affair, adultery, that their partner is cheating. Sometimes the outcome is surprising, and something new is discovered about the partner, a gambling habit, drug use, or a different sexual preference. Private investigators, private detectives, are reasonably unshockable.
Business surveillance covers a wide range of situations from franchise disputes, to HR investigations relating to suspected corruption, inappropriate relationships or criminal activity, and due diligence investigations prior to commencing a relationship, as well as Workers Compensation investigations, Workers Compensation surveillacne investigations. We have very experienced, licensed, private investigator surveillacne operatives, private detective surveillance operatives, to deal with these concerns.
Private drug investigation surveillance, is often the only means of investigating a suspicion, in this area. A private investigator cannot conduct a 'buy, bust' as they have no exemption under the law. We rely on observation, and sometimes working in the the police once we have good information, to provide the evidence, the proof, sought.
Child Custody surveillance, child access surveillance, is often aimed at obtaining evidence of a breach of orders, or behaviour that places the child at risk. We investigate child custody suspicions on a regular basis.