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Background check Australia, for a real Australian background check, including criminal history (only major incidents are available to find), and other information available through public records or commercial indices, by licensed private investigators, phone 1300 966 103, email us at [email protected], for 24/7 inquiries. Free Quotes! Discretion Assured. Ex-police and experienced investigators.

We are an Australian company. Don't be caught by American sites that offer a service they cannot provide, we conduct an Australian background check. We use the experience of our research staff to investigate, to locate the information you seek. To research the background of a person, in Australia, takes patience, and experience. We have experienced private investigators to conduct a background check. A background check, Australia background investigation, requires negotiation of the Privacy Act. As an Australian private investigator service, we are licensed to gather private information about a person, for reward.
A background checks relies on you being able to supply some information about the person about whom you seek the information. The more information you hold the more thorough we can be with the background check; this includes things like where they say they lived, what sort of work they did, where they've been (sometimes what they don't say is also important, especially when researching a CV).
A full criminal history check, a formal check, can only be undertaken by the person who 'owns' their own criminal history or Government departments, such as the police and security organisations, that can only access that criminal history under certain circumstances (as part of an investigation, or to produce to the court). We are aware of these Privacy Act restrictions, and conduct an Australian background check around these legal impediments. We have to work far harder to search for information! This also means we can never guarantee the outcome of a search, as Australian privacy laws hide the criminal, the fraudster, and their past offences and current location, from simple public view; the same applies to a criminal history. The criminal history of a minor (of, or under 18, in most States), or simple offences, will rarely show up. Major offences are a higher possibility.
We conduct searches for corporations, small business, and the private person. We understand how to conduct a background check, Australia type. We understand the need to research the background of a partner, or associate of a relative, a new partner coming into contact with children, to assess the risk. We understand that it may relate to child custody concerns, or other family issues.
When you need to research the background of someone who may be a risk, to conduct an Australian background check contact us for a free quote.

For more about backgrounds, resume and CV verification or to check criminal histories, or to locate a missing person in Australia, please contact us for a free quote.