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Process server, process serving court documents, court papers, divorce applications served, field agent attendance; process serving court documents, divorce application, initiating application, breaches, notices, orders, advice, subpoena's, summonses, production orders, tribunal notifications, QCAT, VCAT, court documents, private papers. Contact us for a quote.
We serve documents of tribunals, Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts, Family Law Court, Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court. We serve documents in all State of Australia, including W.A. (Please note for divorce matters W.A. is slightly different).
Queensland Process Server by district, New South Wales Process Server by district, Victoria Process Server by district, Canberra, ACT, Process Server by area, Hobart, Tasmania, Process Server, Mercantile.
To determine the requirements for service, postal addresses, cover letters, the cost to have your court document served, payment options for our Process Servers, got to Process Server Document Requirements. Call us about Serving Divorce Papers, when you need a licensed process server, when you need to serve court documents.

A process server, process serving court documents, process servers to serve court papers. A licensed process server, field agent, is used to ensure service of court documents, court papers, and provide an affidavit of service documenting how they served the papers. Process serving can be made difficult when the person to be served is aware of the court process, and wishes to avoid service. Process servers are used to this. Where you suspected someone will attempt to avoid service, please advise up, and if possible, provide a half A4 photograph of the person with the file. As a Commercial process server business, our aim is to serve at the first attempt. Being properly briefed about a persons best times for service, any other issues like dogs, hostile receptions, and family helping them avoid service, secure buildings, restricted access, and other issues, helps. Process serving court documents is part of the court procedures, the process server has the right to go up to the door, knock, and make inquiries seeking the person to be served.

We do not do private repossessions. If your girlfriend has your car, if you sold your car to someone and they haven't paid (it is probably a small claim debt owed, not a repossession), then we are not for you.