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Process server Australia, process server, process serving, Mercantile agents service, we provide free quotes, phone 1300 966 103, for 24/7 contact email us at [email protected], free quotes. There is more information in tabs to your left. When you need process serving, to serve court documents, divorce papers, initiating applications, and require an experienced, licensed, process server to deliver the documents, and provide an affidavit of service (free), call us.

A process server, is some jurisdictions, is a field agent or private inquiry agent. Process servers serve claims, notices, divorce papers, initiating applications, family law documents, notices to quit, bankruptcy, and many other court papers. A process server, a field agent, is generally a person licensed to serve a court process, court papers; a bailiff is a person appointed by a court, similar to a court sheriff in some jurisdictions. We are commercial process servers, we serve documents for payment. These can be from any Australian jurisdiction, or overseas court papers. We are aware that there a different requirements for the manner of effective service, for process serving, and for affidavits, from different countries, and within Australia from different jurisdictions. Contact us for a free quote when you need a Process Server.

Process serving is part of our mercantile  services. Please refer to document requirements on your left for details of our postal address, how to pay, and how to provide instructions to us. Generally you contact us for a free quote, then forward your documents for service. Some documents, issued by a court as PDFs (such as an electronic divorce application, through the portal of the Federal Court) can be forwarded to us for service, as that PDF. When you need process servers, a process server, to serve your court documents, contact us for a free quote.