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Process server to serve your divorce papers, process serving a divorce application, to serve a divorce application, free quotes, phone 1300 966 103, for 24/7 contact email us at [email protected], when you need an experienced licensed process server.

An application for divorce, more commonly called divorce papers or a divorce application, are papers of the Federal Circuit Court in the first instances, the Family Court. They differ slightly between the West Australian jurisdiction, and other Federal Courts (a hangover from federation, would you believe!).
To start an application for divorce you can go to your Federal Magistrates Court (Family Court) website to serve.
We can serve your documents both locally, across the state, across the nation and overseas (with certain restrictions).
A half A4 photograph of the person to be served is appreciated, if you haven't got one this is also OK.
When commencing your divorce action (after 12 months separation, or earlier by application) please be mindful that it takes time to arrange service of documents.  Divorce application papers should be served at least 28 days (We work on 30, people can calculate that more easily) before the court date, so allow few months when making your application. 
You must allow time for you to mail us documents, us to mail documents to the process server, locate the person, serve the documents, swear the affidavit and return the documents; Manual postage of documents is both expensive, and slow. Setting unrealistic time frames costs you extra, and places our people under pressure. 
Contact us to serve your application for divorce (divorce papers). For more information on the process of serving papers please go to [email protected]Process Server Requirements, and also peruse your divorce pack documents. Contact us for a free quote, when you are ready to serve your divorce papers. If you need more information here is an article about the Brisbane Family Court procedures, The Federal Circuit Court procedures, these procedures should be the same for all Federal Circuit Courts in Australia. The most convenient way to proceed now is online, through the portal. When you need process serving, court documents served, a divorce application served, contact us for a free quote.

Postal address of clearing house is
The Private Group Process Servers
PO Box 2245
Idalia Q 4811
Please make cheques or money orders payable to The Private Group Process Servers
This may be attached with the cover letter (instructions).
For payment by electronic transfer:
The Private Group Process Servers
BSB 014535
A/C 306 081 085
Swiftcode for overseas transfer is ANZBAU3M.

Our process servers serve divorce applications, process serving, court document serving, divorce documents served.