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Serve divorce papers

To have documents served by the process servers of The Private Group Process Servers (registered), telephone 1300 966 103, for 24/7 contact email us at [email protected]. Many documents can be forwarded as PDFs, such as electronic divorce papers). Free quotes. Information tabs to take you to an area of interest, are to the left of any page.
Always attach a cover sheet (letter, instructions) to the front of the documents; the letter should tell us as much as is available about the person to be served (e.g. works, normally home at, phone numbers, picks up kids at 3pm, goes to golf all day Saturdays, etc), plus your contact details. This information can be put in your email if forwarding electronic copies.

We recommend using 'Express Post' as the minimum standard for documents, when mailing.  Please remove the tracking number sticker and retain, before posting.  Even if you are not in the service area, you can track your documents. If you pass them over the counter, rather than use the box, they should scan and commence tracking there - it proves they were posted.
Please make cheques or money orders payable to The Private Group Process Servers, this may be attached with the cover letter.

Payment by electronic transfer:
The Private Group Process Servers
BSB 014535
A/C 306 081 085
Swiftcode for overseas transfer is ANZBAU3M

For electronic transfer please use your surname or the company name as the identifier. If paying over the counter at an ANZ please use your phone number as the identifier. Free quotes.

As Process Servers we require that the correct documents be supplied. Our documents requirements include an original, (and a copy where one has to be attached to the affidavit), to be forwarded. The original is for service, the copy is attached to the affidavit of service. Where electronic PDFs are emailed, the document does not become an original until printed out, allowing it to be moved around the country, in a timely manner.
Instructions. Send us your documents to serve. Include a cover sheet clearly directing us on how the documents are to be served: In person, alternate service is acceptable, deliver to an address or a business, not on Sunday, at a specific time and place, before a specific time, etc.

We need the person to be served's name, address, any alternate address (e.g. work), contact phone numbers, where they work, any other information that may assist to serve your documents (e.g. works Monday, Wednesday, Friday or works at mine 1 week on, 1 week off, next week off is.....). We do serve divorce applications, some divorce applications, applied for online, may be forwarded by email to us. Just send the original PDF. Please advise the number of pages for electronic files, when obtaining your quote.

Please indicate how current the information is. It is not unusual for people to move, especially for divorce and Family Law (custody) matters. Sometimes we are only as effective as the information we receive, so please give all the information you can.

Please ensure you have included your contact details, and if you wish to receive a text or email when the documents are served (provide details). We also need your postal address to send back the affidavit.

We need an original and copy of the documents to be served (for most). We need your clear instructions. We need payment, either as a cheque or money order attached to the correspondence or as a separate payment. A photograph of the subject, if possible, is appreciated, as some people will deny they are the person named. This may be incorporated into the affidavit, if necessary.

If a copy of a document is required, and not attached, we will photocopy it - there is a fee for excessive photocopying. For more information on our Process Server | Serve Documents, contact us for a free quote.