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Our people can assist, they are former police and government agents, they know how to gather information from many public and restricted access systems, worldwide.  For some things you cannot go directly to the source, but there are ways to find a Criminal History. We know these ways. Call us on 1300 966 103, 24/7 email us at [email protected]. Free quotes, discretion assured. In Australia a person 'owns' their own criminal history, it is available in full to select Government agencies. Private investigator has to investigate, to search, to find information.

No, within Australia, you cannot simply obtain another persons full criminal history. In other jurisdictions, such as the United States, they have more liberal privacy laws.
We have experienced investigators who can provide you with a background, that includes major criminal matters, residential and business information and as well as some financial involvements. This may be extended to information on things such as former relationships, and domestic matters.
The only person who may access the full criminal history of a person is the person themselves (requesting their own criminal history checks), as a member of the public. The police or a related agency, solicitors in certain cases or military and intelligence agencies can also access a persons criminal history. Even these results may be vetted for court production in some jurisdictions ('expired' or juvenile convictions expunged). You can apply for your own formal criminal history, a solicitor may apply to a court under certain circumstances or a government agency may do so, with lawful excuse.

Contact us on 1300 966 103  or use our discreet investigator inquiry when seeking to hire our services, or seeking a background check. We investigate, search for a criminal history, an Australian history, or international search. For some places we can even obtain fingerprints. In Australia we cannot see juvenile records, they are sealed. We can only find major criminal and civil actions, or appeals.