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We are Australian! Our Private Investigators are experienced, and some are former police, we do Australian background checks, a search for information in Australia, as well as international background checks. We have specialists in intelligence gathering, background checks are intelligence gathering. Our 'search engine' is an experienced investigator, who uses the human brain, fuzzy logic and experience to search through many public, private and restricted information sources. Call us on 1300 966 103 (Australia), email [email protected] for 24/7 inquiries.

Don't be caught by overseas sites, which promise information that an Australian investigator knows is not available here, a local search for information will get a more honest outcome. People search for information for many reasons. Some seek a background check as a pre-employment requirement. Other seek information with regards a court case or family law matter, a child custody, child access concern. For some it is concern about a relative and the person they are associating with. These are all valid reasons for solicitors, employers and the private person to seek our assistance, to search for information, relevant to their purpose.
We understand how to conduct investigations, to uncover information, to conduct a background check, Australia or combined Australian and overseas. Within Australia you cannot be supplied information about a persons credit rating, unless it is for the purpose of supplying credit. You are not provided with information on a persons criminal convictions, unless it is for the purpose of presentation to a court and is relevant to the proceedings. Searching for civil court history is complex, and time consuming. There are many area's where direct evidence of a particular piece of information isn't available BUT, there are ways of obtaining the information you seek. We know these ways. We can create a picture of a persons background. Fortunately, some of the other countries where we operate are not as restricted when it comes to finding out about a person.
We conduct background checks, Australian background checks, let us find the background information you seek, when you need a background check, Australia or International.