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Private Detective is another name for a 'detective' or private investigator. Detective is also a title given to a police officer who has completed a Certificate III in Investigations, or a plain clothes police officer (detective in training). When you need to investigate, use a private detective? Phone 1300 966 103, email [email protected] or for 24/7 inquiries please use our online form Investigator Inquiry. Discretion is assured, and free quotes are supplied. Ex-police and experienced, licensed, private detectives.

Private detectives, private investigators, conduct private detective surveillance and investigation, investigate child custody concerns, conduct family law and divorce property settlement preparation, relationship suspicion investigation, business due diligence and dispute investigations, criminal and civil defence preparation, as well as investigate suspect Workcover claims, suspected Workers Compensation claim fraud. When you need to investigate, get a private detective, private detectives, a private investigator. We are known as a private eye, a PI, a P.I. service, private eyes, our license says investigator.

Detectives, or more precisely private detectives or private investigators, are available to investigate, to conduct private detective surveillance, in all Australian States. Our investigators provide a service for government, corporations, small business and the private person. We are a private detective, private detectives, licensed Australian private investigator service. The service is wide ranging, from investigating fraud or a Workcover (workplace injury) claim, a suspect Workers Compensation claim, to preparing criminal or tribunal defence briefs. We provide witness location and child custody investigations, as well as family law and divorce property settlement preparation. We conduct cheating partner investigation, a suspected affair, relationship surveillance, a personal private detective service. We are experienced in private detective surveillance.
For more information on a particular area of interest please follow the tabs to your left. A Private Detective is another name for a Private investigator, in Australia we are more correctly referred to as private investigators. When you need to hire a private detective, private detectives, contact us for a free quote. Hiring a private detective is legal. Private detective surveillance is legal. When you need to hire a private detective, a private eye, to investigate suspicion and turn it into fact, contact us, we are experienced and discreet.