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Workers Compensation fraud investigation, WorkCover fraud investigation, Comcare fraud investigations, privately insured insurance claim fraud investigation, by private investigator, phone 1300 966 103, email us [email protected], free quotes. Workers Compensation fraud is a growth industry, as more claims are accepted with less investigation by statutory bodies. The cost of WorkCover fraud, Workers' Compensation claim fraud, Workers Compensation insurance fraud (WorkCover, which is now changing name to Worksafe), Comcare fraud, self insured private insurance fraud, may be initially hidden from the business. You may see it as 'someone else' paying a person, insurance paying a person, who is claiming/feigning an illness or injury. This is wrong. The business is being robbed, but you don't know it, yet; you will pay for it with future premiums. If you have a suspicion, act. Experienced Workers Compensation private investigators, Workers Compensation private detectives, including former police and government agents, available for Workers Compensation surveillance investigations, background check, or factual investigations, WorkCover claim fraud suspicion investigations. You suspect, we investigate.

When a WorkCover (Worksafe, Comcare) claim, a Workers Compensation claim, is made, the Workers Compensation claim process commences. If accepted, the insurance premium of the company, or business, rises as the costs associated with paying, and managing, a claim are passed on; the injured person then becomes the WorkCover, Workers Compensation, Comcare, customer, or client, once the claim is accepted, as workers compensation management moves to the rehabilitation coordinator role, and intends to manage the injured claimant back into employment. Getting an fraud investigation of the insurer at this time can seem impossible. A return to work action with one of four objectives, to return them to same job, same employer, or same job different employer, or different job same employer, different job different employer. Achieving one of these goals is the objective, once the claim is accepted. In the longer term there is the civil claim for pain, suffering, and loss of capacity, which will also add to the business insurance cost, and give it a history.
The more that is paid out for time off work, injury claims, and civil damages claims, the greater the cost of insurance for the business, because it now has a history, rather than being classified as 'average'. The level of Government enforcement seems to be falling, whilst the PR spin for the few they do seems to be rising, along with the number of suspect claims investigations that are funded privately (private investigation). When you suspect Workcover claim fraud, Workers' Compensation claim fraud, Worksafe fraud, Comcare fraud, a Workers compensation private investigator, Workers Compensation private detective, is there to conduct the Workers Compensation surveillance, Workers Compensation fraud investigation, to review the Workers Compensation investigation process of the business, to gather the evidence. Probably the faster growing area of Workcover claim investigation relates to psychological injury claims; this is also proving to be the most expensive area.
The business Workers Compensation insurance premium is going to increase based on your claims history.  In the short term it will go up based on the claims for paid days off and associated costs, including medical costs, plus a reduction in output for the business; in the longer term it will go up based on successful civil claims for compensation against the business (e.g. through the courts), which takes years.
This means less profits for the business, less money to pay wages, a lower ability to see out the hard times and a less viable company.  It can place everyone's employment at risk.
Where a false claim is suspected the time to start protecting the business is now. Some indications include:
1. A claim where rumour has it the actual injury occurred elsewhere (drunk hi-jinks, weekend football, followed by a 'slip' no one saw at work).
2. A refusal to participate in 'light duties', or a return to work program.
3. Signs of doctor shopping.
4. Information received that the person is undertaking work, or sporting activities, whilst totally incapacitated.
5. Information about home renovations or other activities.
6. If a WorkCover claim is rejected, but the former employee still launches a civil action, claiming injury.
So what do you do when WorkCover fraud, Workers Compensation fraud, Comcare fraud, is suspected? The choices include to try and get the insurer to investigate, and wait, and wait, or hire a private investigator and conduct a private investigation, private Workers Compensation investigation. This is more expensive but faster, and gives you more control. Generally, a suspected Workers Compensation fraud investigation is dealt with by a period of private investigator Workers Compensation surveillance, because the fraud wasn't apparent when the claim first occurred; once a claim is accepted some Workers Compensation insurance return to work managers see the injured party as their client, and require proof of fraud before progressing to actually commence their own investigation (in some cases Government policy has tied their hands, to avoid bad publicity). The Workers compensation investigation process can work against the employer. Workers Compensation surveillance is designed to be unintrusive, the object is to observe the complainant in the natural state, to compare their capacities against claimed restrictions. Where the business exposure is large, the civil claim substantial, then we also conduct due diligence Workers Compensation surveillance, to confirm the claimed restrictions, even if you don't suspect fraud it may be prudent to investigate, to undertake a period of surveillance, to ensure that a recovery doesn't go unreported. When you need a Workers compensation private detective, a licensed Workers Compensation private investigator, call us.
We are an experienced Workers Compensation private investigator service for investigation of Workers Compensation claims, WorkCover claims, Comcare claims, claims against the self insured, both due diligence and suspected fraud, contact us for a free quote. When you need a Workers Compensation private detective, a Workers Compensation private investigator, you suspect WorkCover fraud, Workers Compensation fraud, you need a Workers Compensation investigation, someone to investigate. Where the Workers Compensation claim exposure is large you need to verify the claimed restrictions, the claimed incapacity, as part of due diligence for the company, the employer, contact us.

We investigate Workers Compensation claims, we understand the Workcover investigation process, including WorkCover Fraud. When you need to hire a private investigator, a private detective, to conduct a private Workcover investigation, contact us for a free quote.