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Verifying claims, suspect Workcover Claim and suspected fraud investigations, by licensed private investigators, phone 1300 966 103, email us at [email protected]. Mental injury claims are rising, which is creating challenges, when assessing claims; we have experience in this field.

When dealing with a claim a person is psychologically damaged, that they have received a mental injury, a global approach is required. You must examine the surrounding circumstances, and other pressures on the person, as well as their history both within and outside the workplace. As an employer this can be extremely difficult, and great reliance is placed on professional assessments.

In some cases these professional assessments are correct. In some cases the original medical professional, no matter what their opinion, may have no choice but to accept the claims of the patient at face value, and arrange for further support. We are unsure if people are becoming less resilient, or more prone to claim mental injury, but the cases appear to be rising.

A private investigator is used in two ways, relating to mental injury claims. The first way is direct observation of a claimant, the second is by inquiries into other surrounding circumstances.
For surveillance this may be for cases where a person claims depression, but there is information they are setting themselves up in business, and spending their weekends fishing, or where a person claims they are so traumatised that they can't drive, but still drive themselves to the pub of a Friday night, and drop the kids off to school each day, whilst their partner works full time. Each case is different, and in each case you are comparing the claimed restrictions with the displayed activity of the claimant.
For investigating other circumstances it may be that there is something in a persons history that is actually the trigger for the matter. It may also be that the real driver of the depression, or behaviour, is relationship related, and is being reflected in the workplace. For some a 'mental injury' claim can be bought on by disciplinary actions in the workplace, rumours that the person job is at risk, or the business is going under and the claimant wish to extend their income in what they view as a 'victimless' crime or something they are 'entitled' to.
The risk with investigating a mental injury claim is that, should the claimant become aware of the inquiries, they can claim that this is causing further psychological injury. So it is possible that the matter becomes a catch 22 in that you cannot verify circumstances where a claim is suspicious, because investigating the matter strengthens the claimants hand. Such investigations are often forced to become electronic searches, and discreet inquiries.
Surveillance is the less risky option, generally, as the intention of covert Workcover surveillance is not to be observed, or interact, with the subject.