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Child custody investigator, child custody dispute investigation, child custody private investigator, phone 1300 966 103, email us at [email protected] for 24/7 inquiries. There are tabs that will take you to your area of interest to the left of the page. FREE QUOTES. DISCRETION ASSURED. When you need to hire experienced private investigators, including former police investigators, to gather evidence, to assist you, with custody or access to children, risk investigation, affidavit gathering, application preparation, for evidence to prove a breach, or risk, a background check, Australia, or research, contact us. You suspect, we investigate child custody, child access concerns, and document risks, gather evidence.

Probably the hardest area of investigation is child custody disputes, child custody and child access investigation. It is an area fraught with emotion, where relatives on both sides try to both argue for their rights, the children's rights, and to deal with concerns when the child isn't in their care. Child safety is an issue, parental rights is an issue, a breach of an order or parenting agreement is an issue, children at risk is an issue, and evidence can be the biggest issue where you have conflicting claims. You need to prove a claim, just stating a fact isn't sufficient as this is simply an allegation, without providing evidence to support your claim. A private investigator is there to investigate, to locate and preserve evidence, to provide the Family Court, the Federal Magistrates Court, now the Federal Circuit Court, with something tangible on which to base a decision. Child custody investigation must be conducted in a legal, the private investigator must comply with the law, when gathering evidence for use in court. We are an experienced child custody private investigator, child custody private detective, child custody surveillance, child custody investigation, child access investigation, private investigation service. Whilst for the family the child custody investigation is about emotion, for the investigator it is simply about evidence, to prove of disprove an allegation, to substantiate a claim. A private investigator is used because, without evidence, the truth is just an allegation in court.
Child custody investigation; a child custody fight is unpleasant, and involves a lot of allegations by one side and counter allegations by the other side. Children are at the centre, and conflicting parents, and sometimes grandparents, on either side. The weight of evidence, and independent evidence, should add weight to the argument. We are there to provide evidence supporting an allegation or breach, or to disprove a stated fact, as an independent investigator. We are experienced in child custody investigations, investigating a risk to children, be it a factual investigation, or private investigator surveillance evidence. If your intention is to gain access to your children, gain custody of your children or to simply protect them, any court action must have a basis.
Family Law, and Federal Magistrates, are placed in the unenviable situation of balancing the rights of all parties, with those of the child or children having precedent. The objective is to provide the best outcome for the child or children. It is a court where absolute right and wrong do not exist, but shades of grey come through the decisions. Child custody dispute investigation must focus on the child, their welfare and rights, as well as compliance with orders. There are normally at least three parties involved, the child, or children, and the parents. The child's rights are paramount, and the court prefers both parents be involved, where possible. We have private investigators, private detectives, experienced in child custody disputes, conflicts, and concerns.
We gather evidence as an impartial observer, to prove or disprove a theory, or establish a fact. We are used when preparing an application for custody, when there is a breach, where circumstances change, where there is a safety issue, or concerns for children's welfare.The evidence may be covert private investigator surveillance, or overt inquiries, factual investigations (interviews, taking affidavits, the location and preservation of evidence). We understand the requirements for lawful observation, recording, and production in court of evidence for a child custody battle. Always remember you may know something is happening, but to make a difference you must prove it to a court; it may be a safety issue, it may be a breach; the more powerful proof comes from independent observation, especially where there is documented evidence, affidavits or surveillance footage, available.
The area of child support, maintenance, or divorce property settlement, may also be related to a custody battle. When you need to hire a private investigator, a private detective, contact us for a free quote.

A child access application, or child custody application, is not about the rights of the mother, the rights of the father, the rights of grandparents, although the court acknowledges these interests. The Family Law Court, the Federal Circuit Court, is concerned with the rights of the child, what is in the best interest of the children.

Private Investigator surveillance is legal, done correctly. Private investigation is legal. Hiring a private investigator is legal. Child custody investigations, child access investigations, private investigations, and court preparation activities, are legal. The evidence obtained can be used for court, a tribunal, or negotiation.
We are experienced in investigating risks such as drug use, and drug dealing, around children. Exposure of a child to drug use, and the potential for learning this is acceptable behaviour, or worse, imitating this behaviour, is a concern shared by many parents. Exposing a child to the violence often associated with the drug trade is also a risk. A child's life is supposed to have risks in it, relating to learning, but drugs and criminal associates, criminal activities, and the associated risk of violence or injury, are not amongst the things they should be exposed to, climbing a tree is! For the client we suggest recording all contacts with the other party, not so much for court evidence, but to protect yourself from allegations. In more extreme cases this may extend to telephone contacts with children, because sometimes the other party can be heard in the background, coaching. We also recommend starting a diary, and making entries when things occur, as well as noting any witnesses (names, address, phone number). If a DV action is launched, when you have done nothing, we always recommend fighting it, because this will be used against you at a later date, and above all we recommend not doing anything stupid or criminal, no matter how good it might you feel at the time.