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Private investigator, private investigators, private investigation, phone 1300 966 103, email us [email protected] for 24/7 inquiries. Free quotes! There are private investigators information links to the left of the page. Discretion is Assured. Ex-Police or an experienced, licensed, private investigator, private investigators, private detective, for private investigator surveillance, private investigation, or a background check. We investigate child custody and family law concerns, including divorce preparation, as well as investigate a relationship suspicion, investigate a suspected affair, investigate infidelity. We conduct investigations for business disputes, franchise disagreements, as well as Workcover suspicions, suspected Workers Compensation claim fraud.

Private investigators are people who have been vetted, and received a government private investigators license (generally) to gather private information about a person for reward. We do not 'spy', we establish facts or confirm/deny suspicions. Our investigations are legal, and the evidence we gather can be used for court purposes.
Our Private Investigators perform in a number of interlinked areas of private investigation; we provide private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, factual investigation, research, criminal and civil investigations for defence or prosecution, corporate investigations with regards allegations or suspicions of fraud, theft, misappropriation, inappropriate relationships, bullying in the workplace and sexual harassment (these two are difficult to prove, delicately), due diligence Workcover claim verification, we investigate suspicions of workers compensation claim fraud, sexual harassment or bullying. We also conduct intelligence gathering, fact finding operations, a background check and resume verification, audits, Family Law investigations and relationship or infidelity inquiries.
Our services are generally covered by the descriptions private investigator surveillance, research, and factual investigations.
Covert surveillance, private investigator surveillance, is discreet observation of a subject, usually used to compare claimed activity or restrictions with those displayed when observed under 'normal' circumstances. It is not designed to be intrusive. It is used to confirm or deny a suspicion, or claimed restriction, to verify a fact, to establish links between people or businesses, or to gather evidence for future court action. It may be used for intelligence gathering purposes by a private investigator, or government agency. Private investigator surveillance is lawful, when done correctly. the evidence obtained can be used for court, a tribunal, negotiation, or personal information. Surveillance is used for Workcover, Workers compensation, investigations, child custody, divorce property settlement, and relationship suspicion investigations.
Factual investigations is the act of investigating, overtly. This includes talking to people, making inquiries, interviews, taking affidavits (statements), locating a preserving evidence (including memories in affidavits, physical evidence or having expert examinations done), compiling briefs and dissecting prosecution briefs to determine where beneficial investigations may be made, as well as completing timelines.
Private investigator research is the use of private and public indices, social media, and open source information to search for the information, the evidence, sought by the client. It is used for a background check, criminal history search, missing persons including a birth parent search, business and franchise disputes, Workcover, Workers Compensation investigations, child custody and family law, divorce property settlement investigations and relationship suspicions as well as skip tracing, searching for a debtor who has 'skipped'.
A private investigator and a private detective are the same thing. In Australia we are licensed as a private investigator, or a CAPI (Commercial Agent Private Investigator) licensed investigator, and currently required to be licensed in the State in which the service is provided.
Each request for service is unique, as is each client; as such each investigation is tailored to meet these specific requirements. Our task is not to judge but to assist in meeting the clients objectives. We are able to provide a service across Qld., NSW, Vic., SA, WA, NT, and Tas., prices will vary depending on location and duration. When you need a private investigator, Private Investigators, contact us for a free quote.