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Private Investigators for civil investigations, court actions, phone 1300 966 103, email [email protected] for 24/7 inquiries. Free Quotes. Discretion assured. Ex-police and experienced private detectives for surveillance investigations, a background check, missing persons inquiries (including witnesses) or factual investigations. We conduct corporate criminal or civil action investigations. You suspect, we investigate.

A finding that accepts something as fact within a civil setting has only to reach the 'balance of probability' level of proof.  That means that if the probability of it being true are 51%, then it is accepted, on the balance of probability, as true. 
For example, If you claim to be driving down a road, and a car went through a red light and drove into the side of you, causing you injuries.  If the only two people who can give evidence are you and the other driver and he maintains his light was green, as well, then you have a balanced arguement.  This is usually as far as a police report goes. 
However, if we dig and find old Mrs Smithers who sits on her from porch up the road saw what happens and she was certain the light was red against the other driver when she looked after hearing the crash, then the weight of evidence in your favour is over 50% and in the civil court that may be enough to find in your favour, even if the witness wasn't watching at the instant of the other driver entering the intersection.

This is an indication of the importance of prompt, professional investigation to protect your interests in a civil action. The insurance company may wait years to investigate a matter. Solicitors can be just as bad, and try to use the other sides insurance investigation and find faults with that, without conducting their own. A solicitor or barrister's focus is usually the theatre of court (and I do mean theatre), and their knowledge of precedence, case law, leading cases and the admissibility of evidence.
Our focus is the gathering and recording of evidence, to support you. For any corporate action there is a requirement for intelligence gathering, as well as evidence location and preservation.
We need to be engaged early, so we can collect the evidence and locate the witnesses to support your version of events. Memories fade, impressions are altered by experience. Workshops and co-workers change. Tree's grow and are cut down.  Roads are maintained, upgraded and widened. Signage is moved and maximum speeds, lanes and accesses are adjusted. Friendships and linkages relevant to the investigation change or break. Physical evidence is disposed off, documentation is destroyed. We need to get in and record the conditions as you experienced them, or preserve the evidence that indicates or proves elements. We need to find the witnesses before their memory dulls with age, or their details are lost. We are a civil action investigations service, call us. We need to be involved, now.