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Private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance specialists and experienced investigators. Some ex-police and government trained, phone 1300 966 103, or email us [email protected], for 24/7 inquiries. When you need an experienced private investigator surveillance operative to investigate, a surveillance investigation, call us; you suspect, we investigate. We provide free Quotes. Private investigator surveillance for Workers Compensation claims (Workers compensation surveillance), business and franchise disputes, child custody issues child custody surveillance, child access surveillance), divorce property settlement or relationship suspicion investigation (cheating partner surveillance, cheating partner investigation). Surveillance is about obtaining the evidence, the proof, to show the truth. What we do is legal. You may not have done this before, but we have.

Within law enforcement surveillance is often static in that entry into a private premises is made using a special form of warrant, and surveillance equipment is installed. For vehicle surveillance a large amount of resources can be made available, to law enforcement, as technology has evolved government agencies have expanded their sources for gathering intelligence beyond that permitted by a private investigator. Whilst the objective of law enforcement surveillance is evidence of criminal intent, criminal activity, or associations, private investigator surveillance may be looking for the actual capacity of a Workers Compensation injury victim, evidence of fraud, corruption, or criminal behaviour, breach of a contract, proof of a relationship (evidence of infidelity, an affair), or a breach of a child custody order, or evidence of placing children at risk, or unacceptable behaviour by a carer (such as selling drugs, or using drugs, prostitution, whilst having custody of the child).
The private investigator surveillance investigations, private detective surveillance investigation, must be conducted within the privacy laws, if the covert surveillance evidence obtained is to be acceptable to a court; this is important, the proof, the evidence, obtained by properly executed private investigator surveillance is usable, as evidence, in court, a tribunal, negotiation, or simply for personal information. Please ensure you use a licensed, experienced, private investigator, private detective, such as ourselves, so there is no allegation of stalking.
Quite often there are financial restrictions placed by the client (realistically we all have to live within budgets), which mean for the most part the operative is working alone, or as part of a team of two, at most. He/she will have a controller to whom they will answer, and from whom they will obtain very occasional support.
The objective and set up for the private investigator surveillance differs, depending on the type, such as child custody where evidence of a breach is desired, a Workers Compensation claim issue, a suspected fraud, or due diligence investigation where exposure dictates a requirement for independant evidence to support the claimed restrictions, a requirement for Workers Compensation surveillance, Workcover surveillance Comcare surveillance, where contraindications of a restriction may assist the client, a HR matter where two people coming together and an exchange is made is the evidence expected in a corruption matter, or a suspected affair where proof of a relationship suspicion, a relationship investigation for cheating partner suspicion, is what the client seeks; each, whilst similar, requires a different approach, and has a different expected outcome.
Following vehicles, as part of mobile private investigator surveillance, becomes a highly skilled exercise in remaining close enough to see but not be seen. There are risks, and sometimes an operative may elect to pull back rather then be 'burnt' by the subject. Multiple private investigator surveillance operatives, operating in a coordinated manner, have become more common. This is as the result of increased challenges caused by traffic enforcement methods such as red light and speed camera's (or the dreaded combination camera at intersections), mobile radar, higher traffic congestion, as well as the increased sensitivity of subjects for surveillance. This has increased the cost of surveillance investigations, as well as increased successful outcomes. We have the links and connections to conduct successful surveillance.
Surveillance is unique in that, at times, you are paying a person to do nothing but sit and wait. The operative must remain alert, and prepared, for long periods to obtain that few seconds of footage that will provide the answers for the clients. Surveillance can also be likened to painting; over time a picture of activity is built up. When you need to hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance contact us for a free quote. Private investigator surveillance investigations may be a Workcover surveillance, Workers Compensation surveillance investigation, a relationship surveillance investigation to confirm or deny suspicion, or verify a fact, an investigation into corruption, criminal activity or inappropriate relationships, a child custody surveillance investigation, a child access investigation, into a possible breach or finding evidence of risk or the truth about a situation, or related to corporate inquiries. When you need an experienced, licensed, private investigator surveillance operative, a discreet private detective surveillance operative, contact us.