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Suspect an affair? We investigate an affair, investigate cheating partner suspicions, investigate infidelity, investigate adultery. For relationship investigations use a private investigator, a private detective. For investigations email [email protected], or phone us at 1300 966 103. Free quotes, discretion assured. Ex-police and experienced private investigators, private detectives, for discreet investigations, factual investigation, a background check, research, or private investigator surveillance.

You aren't the first, you won't be the last, and yes, we have done this before. Affairs can have numerous causes, and motivations. It may be that two people have drifted apart, that one has higher drives than the other, that sex is a stress relief (sex with a stranger without emotional attachment). The suspected affair, the suspicion of an affair, adultery, a third person in a relationship, can come as a shock. For some investigating adultery, investigating cheating, may be a problem that has raises its head before, for others suspicion of an affair is a new thing they had never considered. When you suspect an affair, we are here to an investigate an affair, investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, investigate cheating partner suspicions, for you, to gather the evidence, the proof, to prove or deny the suspicion.
Relationship investigations are generally done to confirm or deny this suspicion, or as independent confirmation of the facts. They often involve private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance; they are generally a covert inquiry. For some it is a response to something emotional, not logical, in that they have to know. It may sometimes be after the split up, after separation, or before they decide to get back together. Many clients are relying on us to provide the information on which they will decide their future. We aren't here to judge, just provide a service. Don't let suspicion eat you up, investigate an affair, or suspected infidelity, get the truth.

Covert surveillance, private investigator surveillance, is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained can be used for court. This evidence, this proof of adultery, is still required in some court jurisdictions, where no blame divorce does not exist. Some people's religious beliefs also require evidence, proof. Some may have suspected an affair for a while, but need proof before they make the next step; for some it is better to prove than to suspect, suspicion is corrosive. A private investigator surveillance investigation, a private detective investigating, is often how that proof is obtained.
Factual investigations are used less often for a relationship investigation, as many are hesitant to be involved.
Private investigator research, accessing private and public indices, social media and open source information, to establish who the other party is, or other parties are, is also an important part of investigations.
An affair, adultery, costs a relationship on many levels, especially where children are involved. When you see signs of cheating, and need evidence of an affair, of adultery, you need an experienced, licensed, private investigator, who can discreetly do relationship investigations, domestic investigations, call us.

When you start to question your partner, when you start to wonder 'is my wife having an affair?', 'is my husband having a affair at work?', 'are they cheating on me?' the time has come to investigate, to prove or disprove the suspicion, find evidence of the facts, or the proof that shows if an allegation is true or not. It can take patience, and persistence. A private investigator is there to establish the who, what, when, where and how, of an inquiry.

When you need to investigate an affair, investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, investigate cheating partner suspicions, use a private investigator to investigate relationship suspicions. You need a personal investigator, personal detective, to discreetly investigate a suspected affair, contact us for a free quote.