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Private Investigators, phone 1300 966 103, aren't cheap, but they are a small costs compared to the loss of trust, the embarrassment, the monies diverted to the 'other' party and, of course, divorce lawyers! We are experienced in dealing with these matters.  We can confirm or deny a suspicion, we can verify a fact. We know how to find proof. For 24/7 contact email us at [email protected], free quotes.

There is the emotional costs, the disbelief, the anger, the lack of understanding why this is happening, the loss of trust. An affair, adultery, infidelity, suspicion in a relationship, can be corrosive. This can lead to rash judgments and poor decisions.
Private Investigation is often dealing with the emotional side of the problem, the need to know, the need for independent confirmation. When you need a discreet, experienced, private investigator to investigate, contact us. Yes, we have done this before.
When you start to suspect an affair, infidelity, to form a relationship suspicion, do not challenge them, start gathering evidence. Keep a diary, take note of what is happening. Use a private investigator to gather evidence, discreetly. You may not have had to do this before, but we have, for many clients.
In the longer term there may be the need to confirm that they have done what you suspected they would. For some, the actual relationship may have separated already, or split, and they are seeking to confirm what they expected to happen, that the person has moved on, or moved in, with another person. Sometimes they are considering getting back together, and want to check the honesty of the other partner.
There may be a change in attitude towards the opposite sex, for some, this may be by the partner having the affair, or by the other partner, after the separation.
There is the financial cost, the money diverted to the 'other' person, the hidden funds you never knew about. The money snookered away overseas, the assets you had no idea about, the hidden bank accounts. This is relevant to the divorce property settlement, and also being able to live, after you separated.
Should you decide to proceed to court there are the costs of the private investigator, the legal representatives. There may then be the cost of support for children, the sale of assets at less than ideal values, business's dissolved, loss of use of things such as vehicles, the emotional cost of a draining court experience. This is why we advise planning, from the first suspicion, and ensuring you have financial support, and evidence of assets.
There is the loss of family, children can be pulled away, they may also play one parent against the other, they may be manipulated by a parent or grandparents. family may collude to hide income and assets. Divorce is an ugly thing, it changes many relationships. A divorce itself is not expensive, the surrounding court cases with regards child custody, and the divorce property settlement, are. The private investigator is there to provide research, surveillance evidence, and advice.
Adultery is not new, but it is not pleasant. Each person must decide how they will deal with it, what they will accept, what they can change and how they will deal with it. No-one else can tell you what to do, or how you should act or react. That is YOUR decision, it is your relationship. For an article on signs of an affair. Choose wisely, contact us for a private investigator if you need to investigate, to get the evidence, for a free quote.