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Private investigation, private investigations, licensed private investigator private investigation, phone 1300 966 103, email us 24/7 for inquiries, [email protected] free quotes, discretion assured. Private investigation, private investigations are legal, when conducted by a licensed investigator, in compliance with the relevant legislation. Covert surveillance by a PI is not normally considered to be stalking, because they are licensed to investigate, gather private information, to conduct surveillance, for reward.
Generally, the private investigator is not making the overt acts during private investigator surveillance, required for a stalking charge, and can show their objective is different; the private investigator doesn't have the intention of harm to the subject. We investigate for corporations, small business and the private person. We conduct private investigations including surveillance, factual investigations or a background check. This includes Workers Compensation investigation, Workcover claim fraud investigation, Business investigation, HR investigation, child custody and family law investigations, or matrimonial matters, sometimes called a domestic investigation, where there is a relationship suspicion, investigating a suspected affair. We have ex-police investigators, and experienced private investigators to conduct a discreet investigation (if required), to investigate a suspected activity, or simply to meet your needs for a private investigation, private investigations, a discreet investigation.

Private investigations are conducted by private investigators. Private investigation is undertaken to establish the facts, to confirm or deny a suspicion or a claimed restriction, to gather evidence, or to meet due diligence requirements prior to paying out money. It is conducted for civil claims, criminal or tribunal defence or prosecution. It is a facet of insurance or Workcover claims, as well as private matters such as relationship investigation, a discreet investigation of a suspected affair, to investigate infidelity, investigate adultery.
Investigations are generally broken down into covert surveillance, factual investigation or background background check. We are used to confirm facts, to prove or disprove a theory or suspicion or verify a claim. When you need a Private Investigator contact us for a free quote.
Covert surveillance, private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance, is used for matters where there is a disputed claim, or a suspicion of fraud. It is also used in child custody disputes, child support inquiries, for suspected workers compensation fraud, Workcover fraud, or where due diligence, due to the size of exposure, requires confirmation of the claimed restrictions, or for a relationship investigation, to investigate a suspected affair, investigate infidelity.
Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained can be used for court, a tribunal, negotiation, or personal information.
A private investigation is generally conducted when someone is dissatisfied (or frustrated) with a government action, suspects that someone is running a scam or committing fraud, is concerned for the welfare of another or needs discreet inquiries for personal reasons; we understand that each inquiry is different, and treat them as such. Factual investigations is the overt act of investigating, it is done in the open. It includes talking to people, interviews, taking of affidavits (statements), locating and preserving evidence (including preserving memory through affidavits), and actually investigating, which is following a line of inquiry to its conclusion. When you need something investigated, when you need a discreet investigation, an experienced investigator, call us.
Why hire a Private Investigator? Because we work for you.