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Private Detectives (Investigators), private detective, for surveillance, background checks or factual investigations. Telephone 1300 966 103, email [email protected] Free quotes. Please use our online form for 24/7 inquiries Private Investigator. Ex-police and experienced private detectives, private investigators, to investigate. Our investigations include for child custody concerns, family law and divorce property settlement preparation, relationship issues, business disputes, and Workcover, Workers Compensation claim, suspicions. We are experienced in private detective circumstance investigation (factual investigation) and private detective surveillance, as well as research.

Private Detectives are known in Australia as Private Investigators, PI's, a private eye. The term detective is reserved for police investigators (either appointed detectives or plain clothes officers). Private detectives, private investigators, are people who have been vetted, and received a government license (generally) to gather private information about a person for reward.
Our private detectives, private detective, private investigators, perform in a number of interlinked areas; we provide private detective surveillance, factual, criminal and civil investigations for defence or prosecution, Corporate investigations with regards allegations or suspicions of fraud, theft, misappropriation, workcover claim verification, Workers Compensation fraud investigation, sexual harassment or bullying investigations, HR investigation. We also conduct intelligence gathering, fact finding operations, background checks and resume verification, audits, Family Law investigations and divorce property settlement preparation, as well as relationship or infidelity inquiries, to investigate infidelity, adultery. The areas covered are quite diverse. Whether you require private detective surveillance, private detectives for a factual investigation, a Workcover investigation, Workers Compensation investigation, or a child custody investigation, a relationship investigation, we are experienced and discreet.
Each request for service is unique, as is each client. As such each investigation is tailored to meet these specific requirements. Our task is not to judge but to assist in meeting the clients objectives, within the laws. Contact us when you need to investigate, when you need a private detective, private detectives, a private investigator, to investigate for you, for a free quote.