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A stalking investigation, by a private investigator, is about gathering evidence to support the victims observations. We have experience, our investigators include ex-police, phone 1300 966 103, 24/7 email us at [email protected]. Stalking evidence requires at least to concerning acts to be captured, with clear identification of the suspect.

Stalking may be a single dramatic event, or a series of events. It is often difficult to prove, when the victim is unprepared. Following someone, loitering near them, their residence or work, taking photographs and video, electronic intrusions, harassing or threatening, breaking into their residence, wilful damage, stealing their property, assaults, and computer/phone hacking, these all may constitute stalking, as well as be stand alone offences.

The intention, or self justification, of the offender is of no consequence. If a reasonable person would be concerned by the actions, then it may constitute an offence. Under certain circumstances there may be a defence for the actions. A private investigator, licensed to investigate, conducting lawful surveillance, does not commit the offence of stalking, because they are licensed to conduct surveillance, and their intention is not to be seen, or to disturb the subject, but rather to capture evidence of the actions, and interactions, of the person. Surveillance is useful for proving stalking, it supports the observations of the investigator and client. The surveillance footage is clear evidence of offender activity, supporting the allegations of a stalking offence.

It may also be a breach of a domestic violence order, or grounds for an application. Be aware that a domestic violence order issued in one state is now enforceable in another, across Australia. You may also look at a Peace and Good Behaviour Order, an Apprehended Violence Order, or a similar action.

For the private investigator the investigation of a stalking offence is often about surveillance. Where the offenders identity is known it may be surveillance of them, to show their actions. Where the actions are consistent it may be the observation of the actions. Computer stalking, cyberstalking, has become more prevalent, and provides new challenges. It may be that the investigator assumes the electronic identity of the subject. It may sometimes be as simple as just getting off Facebook. Turning the computer off is an effective way to block them. These investigations are often avoided by police, because they can be time consuming, and require resources. Keep a diary, as your first step. If electronic take prints, and page shots, do not lose the evidence. If you intend 'unfriending' someone take a copy of everything first.

Stalking is often related to a failed relationship, a mental health issue, or a child custody matter. When you need to investigate, you require an experienced investigator, your circumstances demand an investigation of the stalking, harassment, or threats, then contact us for a free quote.