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Private Investigators are independent observers, court evidence from surveillance, properly done, is legal, it is accepted in a court, tribunal, or negotiation. Call us on 1300 966 103, for 24/7 contact email us at [email protected]. Free quotes. Investigators are paid no matter what, they remain independent. They can only record what they see. Our staff are experienced, and include ex-police. They understand about the need for admissible evidence. They know the tricks of the trade, and the fuzzy logic needed to succeed. When you need an experienced private investigator, surveillance investigation, Workers Compensation surveillance, child custody surveillance, relationship surveillance, call us.

For surveillance footage to be accepted by a court it must be taken from a public place, or a private place with the permission of the owner or person in possession of that place (not a sneeky camera in a bedroom of a third party, recording images in a private place). Properly done, private investigator surveillance is legal. The video can become court evidence from surveillance, because private investigator surveillance, properly done, is legal. Hiring a licensed investigator is legal, they are permitted to conduct private investigator surveillance, to investigate, hence the evidence produced CAN be introduced into a court, a tribunal, or used for negotiation.
When recording footage for Surveillance purposes it is generally done covertly. Covert surveillance can include the use of miniature camera or hidden devices, or from a vehicle hide. It may involve things such as following people into a foyer, or an airport lobby. Surveillance evidence, private investigator surveillance evidence, is generally obtained from a public place, or from a private place with the permission of the person in control of that place. Private investigator surveillance doesn't always give perfect images, or see everything you would like recorded.
Using covert camera's means you have little control over framing or zoom. Framing is generally where you try to place the subject in either the left third, the middle third or the right third of the picture frame, and allow 10% above and below.
Surveillance footage is used for matrimonial matters (in some jurisdictions you still need to prove that there was infidelity), to confirm or deny a suspicion or verify a fact, to gather intelligence, for evidence in relation to workers compensation claims, to record evidence of damage or behaviour for court, to provide evidence of breach of orders or conditions and many similar uses. Many times a picture really is worth a thousand words; it is the unequivocal evidence of actions.
Generally speaking the client will be supplied with a surveillance journal, and supporting footage, at the completion of a task.
Contact us for a free quote, when you need surveillance, and need evidence to present to a court, or tribunal.

Private investigator surveillance evidence is used for business and franchise disputes, HR investigations into allegations of corruption, criminal activity or an inappropriate relationship, as well as suspected Workers Compensation fraud, Workcover fraud. It is used effectively for child custody investigation, family law matters, divorce property settlement preparation, as well as to answer relationship investigation, cheating partner investigation, suspicion questions, such as is my husband having an affair? is my wife cheating? Surveillance is the least intrusive form of investigation, as it involves the discreet observation of an unaware subject, to observe their actions, interactions and capacities. Private investigator surveillance evidence can be used in court, a tribunal, negotiation, or for personal information. It should never be used for criminal purposes. court evidence from surveillance, properly done private investigator surveillance, can be introduced, along with the surveillance journal, the investigators notes. If a picture tells a thousand words, what does video evidence say?